Municipal elections in Schiltigheim: Danielle Dambach wins

Municipal elections in Schiltigheim: Danielle Dambach wins

Danielle Dambach, the environmentalist candidate wins this Sunday, April 15 the second round of the municipal election partial in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin). With 54.5% of the vote, she is ahead of Christian Ball (LR) and will become mayor of the 2nd city of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the 3rd of Bas-Rhin.

The voters of Schiltigheim were called to the polls following the resignation of more than a third of the city council in December 2017 . Sunday, April 8, during the first round Christian Ball had a clear lead with 35.84% of the vote, ahead of Danielle Dambach’s ecologically sensitive list (20.42%), outgoing mayor Jean-Marie Kutner and Nathalie Jampoc-Bertrand (DVG). at 15.11%.
The first woman mayor of Schiltigheim
But in the middle-two-rounds, the deal has changed . Nathalie Jampoc-Bertrand first merged her list with that of Danielle Dambach. Then, creating the surprise, outgoing mayor Jean-Marie Kutner announced Tuesday that he was throwing in the towel , calling for a barrage against his rival Christian Ball. Their rivalry eventually led to their loss. Danielle Dambach will become the first woman mayor of Schiltigheim.

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