Municipal in Marseille. Samia Ghali receives support from Alain Delon

“I came to know and appreciate Samia Ghali, whose authentic attachment to her city of Marseille, which I cherish so dear to me too, and where I have toured a lot, I have noticed.”, wrote in a press release, Alain Delon, who notably played a thug from Marseille in the 1930s in Borsalino, alongside Jean-Paul Belmondo.

“I support this woman of action, I really trust her for her choices tomorrow. I know that she will put all her energy at the service of Marseille and the Marseillais whom she deeply loves… ”, he concludes. Alain Delon had met the ex-PS senator in the Senate in July 2017, on the initiative of the journalist Cyril Viguier, entrusted the latter to theAFP.

Significant support on the eve of a disputed city council

The union of the left of the Printemps de Marseille came largely at the head of the popular vote Sunday during the second round of municipal elections in Marseille, but did not have an absolute majority in the municipal council. The addition of the voices of the councilors of the list of Samia Ghali, elected in the popular districts of the north of the city, will be essential.

The latter announced Friday, July 3, having asked the leader of the Marseille Spring, Michèle Rubirola, the post of first assistant in exchange for her support, “Because the desire to rebalance our city and take into account working-class neighborhoods can no longer be mere words”. Michèle Rubirola, while calling Samia Ghali to the “rally”, objected to this request.

Samia Ghali obtained 2.89% of the votes in the second round, the Marseille Spring list 38.28%.


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