Municipal: in the center-right there is still no agreement on candidates for large cities – Politics

No definitive agreement reached by the table of center-right leaders on the candidates to lead the big cities. “The center-right will run together in all the cities that will go to the vote: there are many profiles on the table, some unpublished that have recently come forward. Precisely for this reason there will be another summit shortly, after some insights into the most interesting aspiring mayors. “Thus the joint note of the center-right summit at the end of the leaders’ meeting.

The summit of leaders has decided to tighten the time in the search for unitary candidates for the next challenges in the big cities. Already next week – according to what is learned – the aim is to hold a new summit in which each party will propose its own shortlist of names, a list from which to choose future candidates for mayors. The line is to reach agreement on ‘civic’ and not political names.

The meeting took place in the headquarters of the Lega group in the Chamber the summit of the leaders of the center-right dedicated to the discussion on the candidacies for the next municipal. In addition to the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, present at the meeting, for Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, Ignazio La Russa and Francesco Lollobrigida, for Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani and Licia Ronzulli, Maurizio Lupi for “We with Italy”, Antonio De Poli and Lorenzo Cesa for the UDC, for “Cambiamo” Giovanni Toti (in remote connection) and Senator Gaetano Quagliariello.

Michetti and Racca are certainly interesting names like there are others “. Thus the leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, leaving the top of the center-right.

Out of respect for everyone, I do not make judgments on this or that candidate. There is some primary and great entrepreneur who has to tell us if he is right“. Thus the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, at the end of the center-right summit.” Several civic names have finally come out. The choice to extend to civil society – he continues – is bearing fruit. Four or five names emerged that weren’t there. Everyone is committed to deepen. In a short time we will try to close “.

“The name of Enrico Michetti as candidate for mayor for Rome? The names circulating are different, as are the hypotheses”, said in the morning the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni on Radio 24. Meloni stressed that names will be discussed first with the allies remarking: “For weeks I have been asking for a table to be convened, but I think that the best way to work is to decide together. We work to win in the municipalities. We are perfectly on time and in the game”, added Meloni remarking how the center-right to Rome will go “with a single candidate, the others with three”.

There are many names, not just mine. These are still premature decisions“: this is how Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma Lombardia, comments to ANSA on the hypothesis of his candidacy for the center-right as mayor of Milan, which appeared in some newspapers.” We will see – he continues – We need to find a mayor close to the citizens, to this great undertaking. Let’s see “.

Among the names that peep out also that of Maurizio Gasparri. “Am I a candidate for mayor of Rome for the so-called right? Today the leaders of the coalition will meet, I will not participate in that meeting, to leave them free to discuss. They decide what they want – says the person interested in A day as a sheep – not if there is already an agreement? I do not know and I have no news, they have my number, if they want to call me, if they want to do otherwise they choose a strong candidate “. “If they have a good candidate, I support him, I hope Bertolaso ​​will think again, if he did we would all be happier”, added Gasparri to Rai Radio1.

“I am not biting Salvini’s party, but the M5s and the Democratic Party which, both overtaken by Fdi according to some polls. The findings must always be taken with a grain of salt, but it remains that the first two parties today in Italy are two center-right parties . I believe that this should lead to questioning where the people are with respect to the buildings. This forced rivalry between the Lega and the Fdi does not excite me and does not belong to me – he adds -. I believe that the challenge is to grow all together “to then” have a majority solid “to the government.

“I believe that no one, in light of the work done by FdI and also the work done by Adolfo Urso, can doubt that any exponent of FdI should go and fill any type of position he will do so exclusively defending the Italian national interest. we have friends, we are not supporters of any nation or of any foreign leader. We are supporters only of Italy “. Thus the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni on Radio 24 commenting on the Copasir case. Asked about the words of the resigning president of Copasir, the Northern League player Raffaele Volpi, on Urso and FdI, Meloni replies: “I do not understand these controversies and I do not intend to stay at this level. Everyone knows that Volpi was president of Copasir because, when the League passed to the opposition, rightly claimed by law to have the presidency and he became president with the decisive vote of Adolfo Urso. Because for us the rules are valid and still apply. I may be sorry to hear allies, in some cases of the exponents, who they have such harsh words towards us that at times they don’t even have towards the Democratic Party or the M5s. But I don’t want to feed the controversy “. “If it had been a problem of seats, from a single party to the opposition, we would have posed the problem of the presidency of all the guarantee commissions that I remember usually go to the opposition. We did not do it because, in several cases, it was also of exponents of the center-right and we did not want to create fibrillation or difficulties. The Copasir issue is very serious – says Meloni – we have posed a problem calmly and we are waiting for it to be resolved. Without controversy, I hope it will be resolved positively “.