News Municipal: these candidates supported by LREM caught up in...

Municipal: these candidates supported by LREM caught up in their pro-Manif commitments for all


Can we "commit to implementing ambitious policies in terms of inclusion, the fight against discrimination and equality between women and men", as indicated in the charter of "10 commitments of elected officials progressive ”, while having spoken in the past against marriage for all or against PMA? Many candidates for municipal elections, supported or invested by La République en Marche (LREM), are criticized for their old positions, which may seem contrary to the official position of the party.

If they justify themselves or most often regret, a specially launched Twitter account continues to point the finger, two months before the election. But the party assumes, and ensures that it will remain vigilant for the future.

"She obeyed orders"

One of the first names to be released was that of Aurélie Taquillain. This elected municipal official in the town hall of Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine) was invested in July 2019 to wear the colors of the presidential party in the ballot next March. Former member of the Republicans, notably in charge of early childhood, Aurélie Taquillain notably participated in a demonstration against marriage for all, in October 2014.

On Twitter, as soon as her inauguration was announced, Aurélie Taquillain, saying that she was "born of the Juppé tendency of the French right", assured "fully (support) the government's bill on the generalization of PMA for all women". "She said she would vote the text if she was a member," says Parisian Marie Guévenoux, LREM MP and vice-president of the National Investiture Commission (CNI), who interviewed the candidate.

Contacted this Wednesday, the entourage of Aurélie Taquillain wants to clear. “She had functions within the Republicans who led her to obey orders and to participate in this demonstration. She realized that things did not correspond to her values, and she was no longer found in the right-wing abuses of the Republicans, "it is said, adding that the elected official celebrated gay marriages after the adoption of the law.

A pin in LGBT colors

Same line of defense for Hanna Sebbah, invested by LREM as head of the list in the XVIth arrondissement of Paris, on January 6. In 2014, the one who appeared on the list of UMP candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet had co-signed an anti-PMA platform for all, as relayed on Twitter by Ian Brossat, communist assistant at the town hall of Paris in charge of housing. The signatories of this text, which appeared in Le Figaro, said they were attached to defending "the preservation of the rights of biological filiation, the rejection of the commodification of the female body".

In response to Ian Brossat, the young elected official shared a publication dating from February 2019, on which she celebrates a gay marriage. As well as a photo, published on Facebook on the evening of Paris gay pride on June 30, 2018, on which she poses with a pin in the colors of the LGBT flag.

Not enough to convince his opponents, who accuse him of having varying positions. Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men, Marlène Schiappa, came to the rescue, saying on Twitter "have a tendency to (rejoice) when someone listens, meets, learns and ultimately evolves". This Wednesday, the candidate "no longer wishes to comment on this controversy which has no place to be".

Several mayors of large anti-marriage cities for all

In Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), Patrick Ollier, the mayor Les Républicains already and in place and supported by LREM for his re-election, voted against marriage for all in 2014, denouncing “bad news for French society ". Contacted, a member of his entourage replies that it is the party of Emmanuel Macron "who decided to support him, so it is their problem if they have a problem with their militant base". A group of LREM members has also announced the formation, in Rueil, of a list of "Free Walkers", denouncing a lack of "consistency".

Other mayors, members or former members of the Republicans, who opposed marriage for all, such as Caroline Cayeux (Beauvais) and Jean-Luc Moudenc (Toulouse), also obtained the support of LREM.

Less known, several names are also listed since early December by the Twitter account "An LMPT in your city", run by a handful of LGBT contributors, including “five, on a regular basis”. The goal? "Give visibility to En Marche's double discourse on the fight against anti-LGBT hatred," replies, anonymously, a member of this group.

First, on December 14, Yvan Lachaud, candidate supported by LREM in Nîmes. On January 13, 2013, he participated in the Paris demonstration against marriage for all, as told at the time by the local news site "Objectif Gard". "We were sent out early because there are so many people, it's impressive," rejoiced Yvan Lachaud, who was then deputy mayor.

A few hours after the message of the account "An LMPT in your city", the elected official assured "to have been mistaken". "Obviously, gay marriage has contributed to more equality in society and has made it possible to better understand the challenges and expectations of homoparental families that have been neglected for too long," he explained in a press release, relayed by the Noon Free.

The mayor of Angers, Christophe Béchu, has obtained from two of his deputies that they distance themselves from Sens Commun, the political emanation of the Manif pour tous. These two elected officials, Maxence Henry and Roch Brancour, had notably refused to celebrate homosexual marriages, Ouest-France reported in June 2016.

"If we had a doubt, we would not support them"

So many positions that stand out with the charter of the local elected representative of LREM, and with the progressiveness displayed and claimed by the majority since the election of Emmanuel Macron. During their hearings by the national investiture commission, these aspiring candidates were questioned about their past commitments. They then had to sign the famous charter.

“These candidates have evolved widely on these issues and they are sufficiently clear in their current commitments. If we had a doubt that remained, we would not support them. And if in general, we can help to change minds on these subjects, that's a good thing, ”argues Marie Guévenoux, vice-president of CNI. “It is not as if we had invested thirty candidate members of Sens commun. It is possible that there are, among the 36,000 municipalities, some people with very conservative positions. But they can evolve ”, wants to minimize another member of this commission, ensuring that, if they are elected, these candidates will be“ accountable ”for their positions with their voters.

These investitures also shed light on the alliances of the majority party with the right. The past positions of some ministers are not always in line with the line of government. So a few months after the election of Emmanuel Macron in 2017, two ministers from the Republicans, Bruno Le Maire and Gérald Darmanin, struggled to defend the legalization of the PMA for all desired by the majority. "He will not make it a casus belli," simply informed the Parisian entourage of the Minister of the Economy, who also said he was ready to "evolve in his convictions".


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