Municipal veterinarians advocate slaughtering animals when they are not adopted after 12 or 18 months

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Municipal doctors insist that there is no way to comply with the anti-slaughter animal law. Order refuses and prefers tax incentives for owners.

The National Association of Veterinarians of Municipalities (Anvetem) defends the euthanasia of animals in official collection centers (CROA) when they are not adopted after 12 or 18 months. The decision must rest with the municipal veterinarians and may be the solution to combat overcrowding in kennels and legal shelters that leads to the consequent increase in the number of animals in illegal shelters, without housing and dignity. Over the weekend, about 70 animals died when a fire hit an illegal shelter in Santo Tirso. Yesterday, the PAN submitted to Parliament a request for the local mayor to clarify what happened.

The Order of Veterinarians says that returning to euthanasia is not a solution. He defends support to reduce the number of animals and a study on the causes as a way to fight the problem from the root. “The elimination of VAT in medical acts and in rations would be good incentives for pet owners,” complains President Jorge Cid.



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