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Stuttgart / Freiburg (dpa / lsw) – After disputes and disturbances in the past few weeks, the police in Stuttgart and Freiburg checked public places more closely at the weekend. The people largely adhered to the rules, as the police announced on Sunday. The city of Stuttgart, for example, imposed a stay ban on the facilities around the Feuersee and on Marienplatz. The city of Freiburg imposed a glass ban, between Friday 8 p.m. and Saturday 5 a.m. it applied for the first time. It is forbidden to bring drinks containers made of glass. Previously, hundreds of people had gathered in meadows and squares on the past weekends when the weather was nice. Not everything went smoothly, there were arguments and violence. Residents had also complained of noise and garbage.

On Saturday evening, several hundred people were in many larger places in Stuttgart, as the police announced on Sunday. The officers informed the people about the rules, most of which were already known. At midnight they announced the rules again on Marienplatz over the loudspeaker. A little later, Feuerseeplatz and Marienplatz were deserted. Not everything went like clockwork: In the city center, many people were still out and about until the early hours of the morning. A number of disputes were reported. But on the whole the evening passed without any major incidents, according to the police.

Stuttgart’s Lord Mayor Frank Nopper said on Sunday: “After the incidents of the past few weeks we had to and wanted to act: celebrate yes, but excess, ruthlessness and litter no!”. Ordinary Mayor Clemens Maier summed up: “Thousands of people celebrated again in Stuttgart. It is reassuring that the mood has not turned into aggression this time.”

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In Freiburg, too, many people were outside on Sunday night. The officials checked the ban on glass in the square of the Old Synagogue, where 500 people were still around at midnight. The glass ban was largely complied with. People with glasses showed understanding at speeches and disposed of their bottles in containers. However, a few crimes were also reported in Freiburg, including three crimes of bodily harm and one sexual harassment. Two people have to answer for drug possession. In addition, several people relieved themselves in public and must now expect reports of administrative offenses. Hundreds of people were walking around the Martinstor and in the Seepark. During the course of the evening, residents complained about the noise, and around 1:00 a.m., many people left again. Overall, the night was peaceful.

The officials in Freiburg were already on the move on Friday and checked the glass ban. In the evening around 250 people gathered on the square of the Old Synagogue, the atmosphere remained peaceful. It was also comparatively quiet in the Seepark. There were only a few complaints about disturbance of the peace. There were isolated arguments in the canteen garden, according to a spokesman. Officials were provoked at Lederleplatz, residents complained about the noise.

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