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Municipalities support Schäuble's initiative: clear names are required on the Internet


In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) campaigned for such a mandatory name in social networks. He doesn't like what's happening there. “The rules and values ​​that apply in the analog world must also apply in the digital world. Anonymity doesn't go well with that, ”said Schäuble.

“In their protection, people do things they wouldn't do if they knew someone was seeing them. Then they would be ashamed. Anonymity is always the temptation to be uninhibited, ”said Schäuble. "We need a European model that lies between the limitless freedom of Silicon Valley and total surveillance in China."

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) reacted cautiously to Schäuble's proposal. “There are often good reasons why someone wants to remain anonymous, for example to protect themselves from discrimination or attacks. This applies to letters to the editor in newspapers as well as to posts on the Internet, ”said the SPD politician at the news agency dpa. "There are other ways to combat hatred and agitation on the Internet than a real name requirement that would affect all users."

Schäuble's request was rejected by the CDU, the Greens and the FDP. Anonymity on the Internet is often abused, said the digital political spokesman for the Union parliamentary group, Tankred Schipanski (CDU), the Handelsblatt. In many cases, however, it also represents important protection. "Therefore, users should still be able to communicate under a pseudonym on the Internet."

"NetzDG a blunt sword in some areas"

Landsberg justified his sympathy for the Schäuble venture with insufficient legal measures. The so-called Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) ​​to combat criminal content on the Internet "is a blunt sword in some areas," said the City Association boss. "Although the platform operators are obliged to delete hate emails, they are not required to report the information, including real name and IP address, to the investigative authorities."

Therefore, an amendment to the law is necessary here. Lambrecht is already planning a change to the NetzDG. Freedom of expression ends where criminal law applies, the minister said. Investigators could then use the IP address to determine the author of a criminal post. “We make sure that law enforcement takes place much more consistently here in the future. In the future, the platforms will have to report any criminal posts that have come to their attention to the BKA. ”

Landsberg said: "Of course this does not rule out that these people disguise their true identity." Nevertheless, it increases the pressure to investigate, especially since the association of cities and municipalities knows from personal experience that hate posts are often put on the Internet under real names. "There are often people who act according to the motto 'You will be allowed to say that' and the Echo-Raum Internet guarantees widespread use with the feeling that it is okay."

The approval and “likes” for such postings were usually not long in coming. Landsberg emphasized that a stricter approach against the originators of hate comments is only one building block that others must follow. He cited consistent persecution and sentencing of the perpetrators as an example.

"The media should report these convictions – which of course exist – in a much more offensive manner," added the chief of the city association. "This is the only way to combat the escalating hate crime and get the vast majority who do not share these views behind us and organize their rejection."

More: The effectiveness of the Network Enforcement Act is often questioned. It is now clear that the competent authority has initiated more fine proceedings than expected.

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