Municipality of Durango already obtained a loan of 80 million pesos

The loan of 80 million pesos required by the Municipal Government to complete and comply with the year-end benefits has already been obtained, indicated Bonifacio Herrera Rivera, secretary of the City Council.

For this one short term credit a summons was issued in which several banking institutions participated, among which the one offering the best conditions was chosen.

It is planned that the credit is covered within a period of seven months, perhaps less, depending on how the Municipal Directorate of Administration and Finance is organized.

With this resource and part of what has been raised through the campaign “Now is when”they have year-end benefits guaranteed of municipal workers.

It is worth remembering that Ignacio Orrante Ramírez, municipal treasurer, mentioned in the past days that about 120 million pesos are required to cover all the end-of-year benefits.

He also commented that they are five thousand 800 workers of the Durango City Council, to whom they have to pay your salary and year-end benefits, Therefore, the way to do it in a timely manner is sought.

On the other hand, Herrera Rivera mentioned that the local deputies already they review the income budget for 2023proposed by the Durango City Council.

“In the coming days, the head of Finance and other directors will be going to the State Legislative commissions, with the aim of helping the more than three billion pesos requested to be approved”said.

Not only some increases are contemplated, but also “a belt tightening”, since the City Council brings a very large payroll expense and it is required to apply more in services than in personal services.

He cited that the 67 percent of the resource is applied to personal expenses, which reveals the need to make an adjustment in this area.