Münster: Criminal proceedings against police special units

Several procedures against police special units from Münster

Police officers from Münster are being investigated for right-wing extremism. The chief of police has announced that the case will be fully investigated.

Eight police officers are being investigated for, among other things, right-wing extremist content in a chat group, seven of whom still belong to the SEK Münster. The eighth suspect is now in another authority, said police chief Alexandra Dorndorf on Friday at a press conference. The chats – created between 2013 and 2018 – were apparently partly right-wing extremist, glorifying violence and sexist.

Dorndorf was shocked by the case. She promised to turn “every stone” and clear up the case completely. A total of 20 police officers were involved in the chat group, but they did not share all criminally relevant content.

According to the police, the eight suspects were suspended on Friday morning. According to dpa information, there are criminal and disciplinary proceedings against several officers of the special police units in Münster because of alleged right-wing chats.

Two years ago, several chat groups were uncovered by the police in Mülheim/Ruhr, in which, among other things, pictures of Hitler or inflammatory content had been shared. At that time, however, no SEK police officers were involved.

(dpa )