The senior coach of Krasnodar, Murad Musayev, on the eve of the fourth match of the group stage of the European League against Standard, said that the Belgians are not the strongest rivals of the bulls in the group, and also complained about the domestic refereeing.

– We have injured. Who! I can’t say, – our correspondent Alexander Vorobiev cites the words of the “citizens” mentor. – But there is a chance that someone can recover. Even playing in tight graphics, we can break the game and achieve victory. Our mood is definitely martial.

– Who will not play for sure?

– I am always open for you, but this time I can’t say anything about this.

– You will follow the game from the edge, and not from the podium, as was the last matches. What does this change for you?

– It is good to look from the podium, but it is difficult from the point of view of emotions. Unable to participate in the process. If in the Russian Premier League will be removed for what I said, not one match will not complete the game on the edge. I grew up where it’s customary to follow my own words. When the judge is seen more than anyone else on the field – this is bad for everyone. We played with Akhmat, and then we played with Standard. In Belgium there were Italian judges. They were invisible on the field, and the game was therefore great.

– It has just become known that the match of the 14th round between your team and Yenisei will be held on November 11 not in Krasnoyarsk, but in Krasnodar. Does this change your plans for this game?

– No, we are not thinking about the match with Yenisei yet. It is common sense to play not at – 15, but in warm weather, which will be in Krasnodar.

– In Liege, "Standard" turned the tide and won. What was your opponent?

– I would not say that the Belgians turned the tide. We played well, had a lot of chances. The opponent had two points, which led to a goal. In general, it was interesting to play with the "Standard". We got satisfaction from that match.

– "Standard" the most difficult rival of "Krasnodar" in the group?

– The strongest contender is Sevilla. There is the best selection of players. The remaining teams are of equal level. This is evidenced by the tournament table.

– What qualities does Krasnodar have that Standard doesn't have and what does your opponent have that your team does not have?

– In such matches the details decide a lot. Standard was better at completing attacks. In general, our style is very similar. We play attacking football. To win, our team must control the ball more, work actively on the flanks and not make the mistakes that we made in Liege.

– Do you agree with the fact that this game is crucial for both teams?

– Undoubtedly, a lot will be decided in this game. We will try to do so to win.

You can watch the live broadcast of the meeting on November 8 at 8:55 pm on the MATCH PRIME TV channel, and, as well as in the MATCH! CLUB.

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