Murat Ağırel : The Red Cross and Red Crescent denied the 3.5 million Euro blanket fee, but… Here is that document.

Unfortunately, this federation that subcontracts money is not transparent and reliable. Instead of performing his supervisory duty, he acts with another “motivation”. You’re wondering what I mean. Let’s make it a little more concrete. IFRC Secretary General Jagan Chapagain arrived in the earthquake zone on 19 February. I don’t know if it’s our temper or our water, the general secretary rented a private jet for 35 thousand CHF on the way to the earthquake area. From what budget? From the KIZILAY aid budget? Or is it the budget made up of aid money given to the IFRC?


When I say humor water, I don’t mean afak because this organization has also hired a private helicopter for our KIZILAY official, Alper Bey, with aid funds. Anyway, in the face of this behavior of the general secretary, the federation employee Frederic Barzo resigns. We called him and talked. Confirmed the jet charter business. He stated that the rental price is 27 thousand CHF, not 35 thousand CHF. He stated that the reason for his resignation was not only the jet charter incident, but because of the behaviors that did not comply with the professional ethical requirements. So the jet charter thing is true. I checked to see if there was no plane that day. No, there were plenty of flights. The federation has basic principles and rules. He is also responsible for corruption charges of Federation members. The person who will make the investigation says that he will come to Turkey and hire a private jet with aid money, he will not put pressure on all organizations and make a statement other than this press text. Take one and shoot the other… Organizations that look like charities inhabited by money-makers also benefit from homeless people. They do not compromise on their luxury while benefiting.

Kızılay shared a statement after our news yesterday. “Where are the 20 thousand tents?” from China. we said. In response, they said, “A total of 38 thousand 757 tents came to our country from abroad and were delivered to AFAD”. Thus, a new question arose. I called the authorities for an answer and they still did not answer. Let’s ask here. When I discovered that you were selling tents in the first days of the earthquake, you said, “We delivered 60 thousand tents to AFAD”. Are 38,757 tents from abroad included in the total number delivered to AFAD?


The other situation is that the Red Cross Federation received a fund of 3.5 million Euros for blankets. I wrote that this fund was kept on hold, whether we should fill the vacant stock of Kızılay or give a blanket, and I shared the donation table from the donors. The Red Crescent and the head of the federation denied this, but in the statement of the Red Crescent, they replied, “Filling the empty tank is an international standard”.

I trust my source and the accuracy of the information. If I don’t have a document, will I write this?

IFRC Turkey Representative Ruben Cano said, “As claimed in the news, there is no ‘blanket’ issue for which we expect an answer from the Red Crescent as IFRC. On the other hand, there is no donation source coming to the federation regarding blankets, as claimed in the news. All the allegations about the blanket in the news are untrue,” he said. The source of this funding is the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO). This budget was approved on 10 February. Let’s also give the approved reference number so that Ruben Cano will not be forced: 2023/00640/RQ/01/01.