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Murder, false burglary and irrepressible confessions

On September 22, 2015, Christine D. put the pillows stained with red spots and her pink bathrobe in a bag. She went around the house, seizing jewelry, phones, the game console. When she told her husband's wallet, she thought it should be taken too. Then she flipped the furniture, opened the drawers and scattered objects on the floor like a tornado in slow motion. Perhaps, at that moment, she looked at herself in the process of heckling her tidy universe, perhaps she hesitated by contemplating a familiar bauble she was sending on the floor? But Christine D., a warrior organizing her battlefield, did not flinch. She sent everything waltz. Her husband's shoes size 40, she left footprints everywhere before cleaning the traces of blood on the couch. Finally, to complete her work, she opened the bay window large. That's it, it was a burglary.

Now it was necessary to throw away the spoils, to throw away the weapon of crime, to throw off the stained clothes. To make everything disappear. So she left with her big white bag under her arm and drove to the banks of the Seine at Ris-Orangis (Essonne). Why did she suddenly turn around? Why did she choose this guy having lunch quietly in his van parked near the water?

Christine D. approached the stranger, asked him in a panicked voice if he could keep a secret. Without waiting for the answer, she said: "My husband was beating me, he was a bastard … I killed him and I threw away his body." His interlocutor, startled, started off. Direction Evry police station. At the reception, he described this pretty woman of 1.70 m in the long hair blonde curly, with a tanned face "As if she was coming out of a UV session" driving a white convertible Citroën. The one that will be judged on appeal, as of Monday before the Assize Court of Val-de-Marne after being sentenced to eighteen years of criminal imprisonment in first instance. The jurors will, again, look into a mystery: a business without a story that appears for "Murder on spouse". "A mother of three, a strong and independent woman who always took everything on her," as described by her two lawyers, Mes Léa Dordilly and Louise Dumont Saint Priest. A 54-year-old accused, who first hid her crime before confessing frantically.

On September 22, 2015, the investigators arrested her an hour and a half after her confession on the banks of the Seine, driving her car. Emaciated figure dressed in jeans and a body with small blue flowers, the face ravaged by tears and mascara trails, Christine D. immediately confirms: yes, she killed her husband. With a statue she threw into the Seine, she says. The investigators immediately went to his house in Evry, a four-room duplex apartment in a building. Christine D. did not lie: on the sofa in the living room, in the middle of the shambles, lies a naked body covered with a plaid. Didier J. was 57 years old and had five children. He had just been hired as a real estate advisor after a long spell of unemployment. The medical examiner will conclude to a death by "Craniofacial trauma" without being able to specify the number of shots.

Gothic tale

During the morning, the suspect sowed the words like pebbles. In the space of four hours, the one who first thought of making her crime undetectable was released to four people. We think back to this Gothic tale of Edgar Allan Poe in which the hero kills his enemy with a poisoned candle. While everyone believes in a natural death, the narrator intoxicated by his impunity, repeats to the heart this sweet chorus: "I am saved." Until he is surprised to consider: "As long as I'm not stupid enough to confess my case myself!" Finally possessed by a "Invisible demon", he can no longer resist "The secret so long kept rushed from my soul." In the same way, Christine D., suddenly unable to keep a close mouth, will deliver confessions in series. His statements, never identical, are read as several shades of the same gesture and lead to an astonishing choral procedure, where each of his confessors tells the investigators a piece of history.

It is first Inès (1), 15, who will tell the scene hollow, a kind of criminal ellipse. That morning, she has breakfast with her mother and goes back to getting ready. At around 7:20, she heard a scream "Like when we hurt ourselves". When she turns on the light and goes down the stairs, Christine D. orders her to return to her room. A few minutes later, she tells him "Close your eyes, I do not want you to see," crossing the living room to drive her to school. On her return, Christine D. calls Guy her ex-husband, the father of her three daughters, to ask her to come in emergency. There, on the doorstep, she says to him: "I killed him. […] It's been fourteen years since he pisses me off. " Then she calls her manager, mentions "A personal problem" Forcing him to leave, and go to his mother's house at Draveil. His daughter Betsy, 24, and Lucienne, her mother, see her arrive, in tears. They will describe to the investigators this moment when the three generations are installed in the back bedroom and Christine D., trembling, tells them everything: how she comes from "Smash" the head of Didier with a statue, how she made up the scene in burglary "Because she was sure everyone would think she was crazy." She had told him she wanted to divorce. "Didier would have told my mother that he was going to kill offspring or something like that," testifies Betsy. Christine D. asked the two women to leave him until the evening to denounce. And she left.


"I was so scared that he was going after my daughter Inès, she continues in custody. Last night, he told me he was going to plant both of us, "me and my vermin". That he was going to do it at night, that he was going to "plant" us because arsenic is too long. " According to his story, when he woke up, Didier reiterated his threats about Ines: "She's not dead, it should not be long." Christine D. describes the long knife with a wooden handle in her husband's hand, her daughter's footsteps echoing down the stairs. The light that comes on. The switch that acts as a detonator. "I hit him. […] He was standing, I hit him again and he fell on the couch. I put a sheet and a pillow on him. He did not move anymore. " It was after taking Inès to school that she decided to make believe a burglary. "A total delirium", "survival instinct", She declared. Nevertheless, in her second interview, Christine D. gomme a detail, the one who could have put it in a situation of legitimate defense, the one who offered the reassuring promise of an explanation to his gesture. In fact, there was no knife. Just sharp words: "I'm going to hurt you." On September 24, 2015, she was indicted and incarcerated in Fleury-Mérogis.

Nearly a month later, a diver emerged from the dark waters of the Seine brandishing a glass statue 39 centimeters high and weighing nearly 4 kilos. She represents an embracing couple, two silhouettes with indistinct features wearing a small hat. It is a wedding gift offered by the bosses of Christine D. It is especially the murder weapon, certainly one of the most symbolic of the annals judicial.

What explains this unleashing of violence? If, in its order for reference, the investigating judge refers to a "Intended homicidal intent, controlled and determined". Christine D., she struggles to deliver the key, explaining that after fourteen years of life together, she could not stand the derogatory remarks, insults, excessive jealousy of her husband. In her diary, she had noted on the date of 1st September: "I'm asking for a divorce," followed by the threatening reaction of Didier. "Mme D. would have taken action, in the context of an anxious rape, that is to say an anxiety paroxysm, favored by the accumulation of threats against him and his daughter, who was in apartment a few meters away at this moment, the psychiatrist believes.

Dried flowers

The torment of the couple was a secret to anyone. In their entourage, we describe a passionate relationship, fusional, incessant disputes, we compare them to teens with fluctuating mood and brawling love. Lucienne, his mother, insists: "It was a crazy couple, I knew it would end in tragedy. He was a hyper jealous, sick, he did not appreciate that she had any contact with anyone other than him. However, no one close to Didier – nor even Inès who got along very well with his father-in-law – describes him as physically violent. Contacted by Release, the plaintiffs' lawyers did not wish to speak.

While waiting for her trial, Christine D. blacks pages and pages of her tight writing. She addresses them to her "Sweet mother like moss", to his dad, to his "Three wonders" narrate the small victories on the gray of the jail, try to describe in a light tone his daily life between the walls and glue, in each of his couriers, dried flowers collected in the courtyard of the prison. When she looks at herself in the mirror of her act, she struggles to recognize herself. "It's unspeakable," she said to the psychologist. "In the first instance, Christine D. cried for five days, she could not talk, evoke his lawyers. Today, she would like to ask for forgiveness, to be able to express herself, to tell what it is to be an irreproachable woman, to have a good job, friends, a close family and suddenly to switch. She hopes to be heard.

(1) The first name has been changed.

Julie Brafman



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