LETOJANNI (MESSINA) – The eighteen-year-old BF was stopped in the night by the carabinieri of Taormina on charges of killing the 56-year-old Massimo Canfora in his home in Letojanni, at number 9 of the central via Nenzi. The young man of Tunisian origin is a resident of the Messina town. The crime of aggravated homicide has been contested. The public prosecutor, recognizing the danger of escape, issued the arrest order and ordered the imprisonment in the Messina Gazzi prison, pending validation.

The vision of the images of the video surveillance cameras along the escape route traveled by the young man made it possible to establish the compatibility of the clothes found at home with those he wore when he was filmed by the cameras. The inspection carried out by the men of the Ris of Messina allowed to find various blood traces in the victim’s home and to find the murder weapon next to the corpse, a kitchen knife with a blade of about 10 centimeters, still stained with blood . Further investigations are still in progress aimed, among other things, at clarifying the motive and excluding the possible involvement of others.

The carabinieri, however, follow several leads. The passionate motive is also evaluated. The prosecutor issued the arrest, the investigators say, “on the basis of an initial assessment of the sources of evidence acquired and considering the reconstruction provided by the young man in contrast with the witness statements acquired by the investigators, having recognized the danger that, pending the proceedings , the suspect may flee or benefit from connivance and protection in criminal or family environments, also because of his Tunisian origins “.

The boy pleads innocent. “My client said he did not know the man who was found dead in his apartment in Letojanni also excluding any relationship of any kind, including sexual with the victim,” explains the lawyer Giuseppe Marino. “He’s a good guy, he works as a waiter in a club in Letojanni and before he worked in another restaurant in Taormina always as a waiter. He is an honest worker and he has never hurt anyone and is unprecedented. He was in that building because he went to visit another Tunisian boy who was a friend of him. He was found guilty because he ran away in fear. He reported that he would have been another person to hit Camphor: he heard something and entered the room he would see the blood and lean recklessly on some objects thus staining his clothes. Then he would run away in panic. We are sure that the truth will emerge ”.