Murder of an au pair in London: "I should have bought her a ticket and sent her home"

Murder of an au pair in London: "I should have bought her a ticket and sent her home"

In the trial of the murder of Sophie Lionnet, an au pair girl in London, the father started his testimony, charging his former companion. He appeared as manipulated and outdated.
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Curved back, head down, Ouissem Medouni expresses himself in a whisper, barely audible in room number six of the Old Bailey, the criminal court of London.
– “Have you caused the death of Sophie Lionnet? , asks his lawyer, M e Orlando Pownall.
– No.
– Do you have, with Sabrina Kouider [His wife], premeditated his death?
– No.
– Have you burned his body?
– Yes. ”
The trial the murder of Sophie Lionnet, a French au pair murdered in London, whose burned body was found on September 20, 2017 in the garden his bosses, also French, entered his second phase on Monday, April 16th. After the presentation of the accusation, which lasted almost a month, the defense began with the testimony of the first of the two defendants, Mr Medouni, 40 years old. With M me Kouider, 35, is accused of murder and attempted to hide the corpse, burning it in a fire in his garden. Both defendants plead not guilty.
During the twenty months she spent in their house of Wimbledon , for the help to take care of two children, Sophie Lionnet lived a long ordeal. At the end, she was no longer paid, hardly fed and was probably tortured. M me Kouider had developed an obsession with the father of her second child, whom she accused of pedophilia over her son. In her madness, she gradually imagined that Sophie Lionnet had become the accomplice of this man and secretly helped him to return in the family house for abuse children. For make “Confess” the au pair, M me Kouider conducted long interrogations, which she partly filmed. Very shy, unaccustomed to hold head, Sophie Lionnet ended up getting recognize some wrongs until she is murdered.
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For this first day of defense, Mr. Medouni was presented by his lawyer as a weak man, under the influence of his companion, Mr. me Kouider, unable to control the madness of the latter.
– “Who was the dominant partner? ask M e Pownall.
– She.
– How were his moods?
– She had ups and downs, swings of mood in a few seconds. ”
Coming from a modest background, son of a plumber, having grown up in the southern suburbs of Paris Mr. Medouni did a good job, becoming a financial analyst. In 2001, he sees for the first time M me Kouider in a carnival. He does not dare to approach it but gets his phone number from a friend, and ends up meet . “I was very happy, she was so beautiful. ”
Crises of jealousy
Quickly, the character of his girlfriend becomes complicated to manage . She loses her employment , then settles in the house of Mr. Medouni’s father, for lack of housing . She makes a suicide attempt. The young man learns that she was a victim during childhood of physical abuse – the nature of which is not specified – “His cousin and his uncle” . At these words, M me Kouider asks for a suspension and disappears in the corridor, screaming long.
In 2005, Mr. Medouni gets a job in London. His companion follows him a few months later, working as an au pair. They end up settling together, in a very tense relationship. “She was waking up in the middle of the night, dreaming I was with another woman, and she was making a scene for me. ”
M me Kouider multiplies periods of infidelity, none of the two children being of Mr. Medouni. But every time, she comes back look for and Mr. Medouni becomes de facto the adoptive father of the children. ” I loved it ” he explains. Still, the crises begin again: threat of suicide, flight into the street barefoot with one of the children in the arms, scenes of hysteria in public …
In January 2016, Sophie Lionnet comes to settle as an au pair, while Mr. Medouni is absent in la France for six months following the accidental death of his father. When he returns to London, he discovers an introverted girl, ” not kind get out ” who sleeps in the children’s room. He hardly dares address the speech : “That made Sabrina [Kouider] jealous. ”
On Monday, Medouni spoke of remorse. In July 2017, Sophie Lionnet was attacked by M for the first time me Kouider, who had pulled his hair. ” I should have (…) him buy a ticket and the return At her place (in France) ” , he explained. “It went crescendo after that. When I think back to this situation, I really blame myself. I could have avoided it. ” His testimony must be continue Until wednesday.
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