Murder of Maëlys: 39 minutes in airplane mode, the time for Nordahl L. to kill the child?


Nordahl Lelandais, suspected since September 3 to have kidnapped the small Maëlys end of August in Isère, was indicted for murder at the end of his hearing Thursday by the investigating judges, announced the prosecution of Grenoble by the voice of the prosecutor Jean-Yves Coquillat.

During a brief press conference given at 18h by the magistrate, the latter detailed the schedule of the main suspect in this case the night of the disappearance of the child.

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He notably returned in detail on the trips that Nordahl Lelandais made during this evening between his house and the place of the wedding and in particular the last during which he placed his phone in airplane mode, thus preventing his geolocation .

On the night of Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 August, Nordahl Lelandaius made three trips from the village hall of Pont-de-Beauvoisin to her home and a fourth one-way trip to her home. “, said Jean-Yves Coquillat.

And to continue: “at 2:45, Maëlys is last seen at the wedding “.” At 2:46 and 12 seconds, Nordahl Lelandais puts his phone in airplane mode “, added the prosecutor, specifying” at 2:47 am, his vehicle was filmed by surveillance cameras in the downtown area of ​​Pont-de-Beauvoisin with a frail silhouette of small size passenger side “.

At 3:24, the vehicle of Nordahl Lelandais is filmed in the opposite direction, the driver is alone in the car “, explained the magistrate, adding that” at 3:25 and 58 seconds, Nordahl Lelandais deactivates airplane mode The suspect’s mobile phone is then bounded to the area of ​​the party room and is filmed again in the city center at 3:57 am when he returns home for the last time. Activates airplane mode again The mobile phone is not reactivated until 07:06 when it is limited to Nordahl Lelandais home.

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One of the suspect’s two phones was undetectable for 39 minutes. In this interval, a video surveillance camera of the town has filmed a vehicle whose justice considers that it is that of the suspect, which he contests. Camera images highlight ” a frail, small figure, dressed in a white dress “Like the girl in the passenger seat, before returning alone to the party hall.

For its part, the indicted explained during the hearings that took place on Thursday to put his phone in airplane mode for ” save battery “.


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