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For years, the authorities were looking for the real killer of Peggy Knobloch. Now a man is targeted by the investigators – there was a house search.

Murder of Peggy Knobloch after 17 years informed? Man attracts the attention of investigators

Update, September 13, 6:19 pm: As theimage reported, the inhabitant of the searched house was heard shortly after the disappearance of Peggy Knobloch in 2001 by investigators. The then suspect Ulvi K. had him heavily burdened at the time.

After another hour-long interrogation on Wednesday, the resident of the house in Marktleuthen was released according to the report. Opposite the image The man did not want to comment on the allegations. The investigators did not want to comment on the result of their search at first.

Killer found by Peggy Knobloch? Allegedly arrested husband

Lichtenberg – Will the murder case Peggy Knobloch finally be cleared up? At least there is a new track. And loud Focus Online even a man should have been arrested.

According to Frankenpost The police were on Wednesday with a large contingent in Marktleuthen and Lichtenberg in use. In Marktleuthen a couple was therefore heard. The man was 24 years old when Peggy disappeared and was one of the suspects. In Lichtenberg, according to the report, the officers were traveling with five buses and several civilian vehicles to search his parents' house and a former workshop.

Neither Focus Online still Frankenpost could first receive a statement from the police. The information is therefore not secured – but there is reasonable hope that in the case Peggy Knobloch new movement comes. And maybe even her murderer is finally found.

In May 2001, the nine-year-old student in Lichtenberg in Upper Franconia had disappeared without a trace. It was not until 2 July 2016 that a mushroom picker accidentally discovered her remains. The suspicion in the meantime that there could be a connection to NSU member Uwe Böhnhardt was not confirmed.

Ulvi K. was suspected for a long time before the district court of Bayreuth acquitted him in a spectacular retrial, as tz.de * reported. Ulvi K. had the current suspect loud Frankenpost once accused, both were therefore friends.

The case is considered one of the most spectacular unexplained criminal cases in Germany.


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