Murder of Sophie Lionnet: “I really want, because I could have avoided it,” Ouissem Medouni


The calcined body of Sophie Lionnet was found in the garden of its employers, whose trial begins this Monday – MacDiarmid / Shutterstock / SIPA
The body of Sophie Lionnet, 21, was found last September in the garden of her employers, in London, UK.
The trial of Sabrina Kouider, 35, and Ouissem Medouni, 40, opened on March 19 at the Old Bailey court.
They plead not guilty to the charge of “murder”. Ouissem Medouni pleads guilty to “obstruction of justice”.

From our special correspondent in London (Great Britain),

“It was like I won at the Euromillion. ” At the bar, Ouissem Medouni , dressed to the nines, tells the day he saw Sabrina Kouider for the first time. It was in 2003, at a carnival, in the southern suburbs of Paris. Too shy to go see this pretty 19 year old girl, he had asked a friend to get his number. He had called her and had arranged to meet her at a café: “I was very happy, she was very beautiful. The appointment lasted “one or two hours”. A few months later, one morning, before he returned to Luxembourg where he was studying at the research and applied economics center, they kissed each other.

Medouni admits to having burned Sophie’s body #Lionnet : – the lightning (@lesteclair) April 16, 2018

At that time, this brilliant student in economics did not imagine that he would end, fifteen years later, with his beautiful, in the box of the accused of the court of London. Accused of the murder of Sophie Lionnet , their 21-year-old au pair whose body was found charred last September in the couple’s garden.

If he admits to having wanted to body of the young Trojan in burning him he denies having killed her. Ouissem Medouni had recognized a time involved in the death of the young woman. But since then, he has retracted, claiming to have confessed to protect the one who was his companion and that he always says he loves.

“I was always in love with her”

It must be said that their relationship has always been complicated. The pretty brunette could have “ups and downs in a matter of seconds”. Thin face, balding head, one who presents himself as “generals, hardworking, ambitious”, blows having already been the victim of violence on the part of Sabrina Kouider . Some nights she woke up screaming after dreaming that he was cheating on her with another woman. And when he laughed at seeing her like that, she got angry. She even tried twice to commit suicide. Despite her worries about her partner’s mental health, the forty-year-old has never talked to anyone about “protecting her”. Why did he stay with? “Because I loved him,” he says.

Sabrina Kouider, ex girlfriend of Boyzone founding member, with bonfire murder of French nanny – MSN Ireland (@msnireland) September 22, 2017

Their relationship will last until they are arrested. However, she will be interrupted by several breaks during which Sabrina will have two children with two other men. Among them, Mark Walton, Irish founder Boyzone boy band in 1993. A man whose young woman remains obsessed since their break in 2013 and that it accuses including pedophilia. At the time, she had recalled Ouissem Medouni, and had once again with him. “I was always in love with her,” he breathes. She had let him go once Mark Walton had wanted to strangle him. ” I was shocked. A few years later, she will assure him that the artist has sexually abused one of his relatives, that he hacked his mailbox, his phone.

“I really want me”

In 2015, Sabrina Kouider hired Sophie Lionnet as an au pair for a period of fifteen days. Ouissem Medouni was “not too much in agreement”. “We did not need it. “Appreciated, Sophie will move permanently to London in January 2016. According to him, she was paid about 70 euros per month. He says he never asked anything about this “shy” girl who spent most of her time “in the room reading books and playing with her Iphone”. “If I talked to her, it was a little complicated, because Sabrina was jealous. ”

Photos taken at the ice rink of Les Trois Seines (Troyes skating rink) – Sophie Lionnet (@sophie_lionnet) October 27, 2015
In the course of 2017, Sabrina tells her that Sophie conspired with Mark Walton and that together they hurt one of their loved ones. His companion then shows more and more violent towards their employee and accuses him of being “on his side”. One of their friend advises them to separate. But Sabrina Kouider, he swears, wanted to keep her.

Sabrina Kouider stung

Today, the accused thought he would probably have done better to buy him a “ticket for her to return” to France, “because it climbed crescendo after.” “When I think back to this situation, I really blame myself. I could have avoided it. ”

Long hair, light pink raincoat, Sabrina Kouider, listening. She often shakes her head, as if to say, “What is he saying? The audience is interrupted, the time it calms down. Stung by the testimony of her ex-companion, she gets carried away, forcing the president to remind her that she must remain silent while waiting for her turn. She could explain herself to the court in the coming days. The hearing of Ouissem Medouni continues on Tuesday. The trial must last until May 11th.


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