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Muriel Robin, a "I love you" of her mother: "We did not have them, these words"

It is open-hearted that a "fragile" woman has confided. Invited Friday, October 26, 2018 in C to you, Muriel Robin spoke about her mother echoing her confidences in the autobiographical book she just released, Fragile (available since October 18 at XO).
Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her columnists, Muriel Robin spoke of this woman who never said words of love, let alone a "I love you". On the set, she first came back to this sentence her mother told her while she was still a kid: "Go make your interesting." A traumatizing phrase, but which remains in the image of the universe in which the humorist and actress grew up. "I would not say that there are two big families because there are plenty of them but finally there is the family of those who have had 'I love you, you're beautiful, I'm proud of you etc. ', which makes one have wings and one will have a relation to oneself in a way, and when one did not have them, those words … "
Touched and touching, the companion of Anne Le Nen shared the wounds of her sister – who are also his. "I was talking to my sister three days ago, who is 72 years old and said to me: 'When I think I will never hear my mother – mother, she says mummy – who never told me:' That's really good what you did. "And it's a woman who worked, my sister, all her life with my mother and who was waiting for the right note, the 'I love you', who always been professional at work. "
These words, "they will miss"
The fabulous interpreter Jacqueline Sauvage in the small window will then imitate his own mother: "It must be impeccable because otherwise we will say: 'Say-well, hey ho, you do not work well there. You do not have the right, the work has to be done well, it does not laugh. "It's serious because there's only that in their lives, so we put everything in there. "
Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine's next turn was to quote a shocking passage from the book: "Even though 4,000 people will scream my name, what did I do other than my interest finally? […] I will share a lot of all the love you gave me for a few words from my mother: 'My darling, you have been beautiful.' "Words that have never come." And they will miss, "concludes Muriel Robin, before recalling the memory of her first Olympia, with her parents in the room They cried, certainly, but in secret and especially not in front of their daughter …


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