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Murielle Bolle: "I bear the guilt of Bernard's death"

This is the first time Murielle Bolle has agreed to talk face to face with the press. Without the media hype she knows. It was in Neuilly-sur-Seine that we met her, in the offices of the publishing house Michel Lafon. The appointment was fixed at 15h. The red-haired Vosgienne who dedicated, for her family, some copies of Break the silence , his book written in collaboration with Pauline Guena, dropped his pen to answer our questions. For nearly an hour, Murielle Bolle's blue eyes released a lot of tears. One of his lawyers since 1985, Me Jean-Paul Teissonnière of the Paris Bar, was at his side. With little or no intervention, leaving his client to explain his choice to write, thirty-four years after the death of Grégory, found hand and foot bound in Vologne, on October 16, 1984, at the age of 4 years , a book in which she brings her truth. She recounts a wasted adolescence and a life she tried to build. A life that is more like a field of ruins.

Murielle Bolle, why this book today?

In prison, a supervisor asked me why I had never told my story. I talked to my lawyers and started from there.

Is this book finally a therapy, a release?

Above all, it is a way of making myself heard and explaining to people that I am not the person who has been scoffed at, that we have passed for the killer of a child. It made me feel good to say what was inside me.

Your indictment, your incarceration and your house arrest, last year in the Nièvre, were they a click?

From prison, my life is destroyed. I do not live anymore, I survive. Everything changed. I was separated from my children, my partner, my family for ten months. You can not know the harm that it does. Now I say stop all this hard because you touch my family. The gendarmes came to call me at home, in front of my 16-year-old son. My companion asked if he could take me to the gendarmerie. They did not want to. If I had a summons, I would have gone.

You always said that you had implicated Bernard Laroche by pressure from the gendarmes.

I was interrogated twice before being heard again on November 2, 1984 at the gendarmerie Bruyères. After two hours of audition, I cracked. They yelled at me so much, threatened to go to a correctional house. They are the ones who broke my life and Bernard's. If they had not forced me to give this false testimony, if I had not been afraid of them, we would not be there and Bernard could defend himself.

You also say that the media did not spare you?

Journalists jumped on me like savages. I keep cruel memories. I stayed one year locked up because of them. We even found a microphone in my parents' room.

Many times in your book, you say that Bernard Laroche died of your fault …

It may not be me who pulled the trigger, but I will always bear the guilt of Bernard's death.

Gregory, you often talk about it. From his parents too, over your pages …

It's normal. He is a 4 year old kid who only wanted to live. I am mother and grandmother, I understand that. I put myself in the place of Christine and Jean-Marie. That they continue to seek the culprit, it is normal. I would do the same thing for them. But let them stop their persecution against us. They seek elsewhere.

Your cousin Mosellan claims to have been present on November 5, 1984, the evening you would have taken a "rouste" of your sister Marie-Ange.

I have no memory of him. During the confrontation, we remained each on our position. It's clear, family or not family, I will not stay there. All he said is wrong. Marie-Ange has never been violent with me.

And the nurse who goes in the direction of your cousin, a neighbor also, who claims to have heard screams that night? Do they lie too?

Of course there must have been screaming. There were mostly many journalists around the house. In addition, Marie-Ange and Mom had a nervous breakdown.

Finally many testimonials accuse you …

I do not know what I did to all these people. I was only a 15-year-old girl. I did not hurt anyone. I was lonely. My life was my dog, the football and my niece. "

When the Jacob spouses were arrested, what was your reaction?

It hurts me. I immediately said, "If it's them, they let Bernard be killed." It was also a relief. I thought we would be left alone.

Do you think that tracks have not been exploited yet?

Yes, there are some things that challenge me in the file. Like a letter signed by a certain Corinne. According to the writing experts, it would be Monique Villemin, the mother of Jean-Marie, Grégory's grandmother. She could not be auditioned.

Are you worried about being indicted again soon?

I thought about it. If so, I will fight to the end.

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