Murphy is the mole | The standard

Sunday evening it was time again for the test with the bungee jumping. Last of the remaining participants, Anke jumped off the cliff, but she held on to the rope for too long and her arm became entangled. Fellow candidate Sven and presenter Gilles De Coster looked on in horror from the edge. We also held our breath in front of the picture tube. Just before she passed out, Anke called out that there was something wrong with her elbow. A few hours later the verdict came: a double break and a forced exit from the game.

Candidate again drops out due to injury in ‘De mol’: ‘We are experiencing an unlucky season’

It’s not the first injury that kills a candidate: at the end of the third episode, Nele kept the credit to herself after stumbling over lava rocks during a sprint. The result: a buttock in all colors of the rainbow and a muscle tear. A week later there was the dramatic departure of Philippe, who succumbed to the stress as a mole. De Coster, meanwhile, speaks of a ‘really unlucky season’ and states ‘that an accident never comes alone’. How much misery can you as makers of De mol actually have?

With her left arm in a sling, she waves goodbye to the other candidates. play4

In the annals

But still. All those dramatic plot twists and cliffhangers are also good for suspense. Afterwards, it is only about that on social media and at the coffee machine, especially when – for the first time in history – the mole himself left the playing field. This is how the otherwise not exceptional season of De mol still end up in the annals.

Unfortunately, six months after the shooting, her injury is not going too well, Anke said. Still, she was lucky in an accident that she just lost weight: although many suspected her, Anke was not the new saboteur, so the guessing can continue. Whoever it turns out to be, for us there is only one real mole this year: his name is Murphy.