“Murray, Sirakov and Borimirov are the right people for Levski, the Stoilov effect is more and more visible.”

The former coach of Belasitsa (Petrich) Sasa Simonovic talks about his separation from the club, as well as about his former club Levski.

“People in Petrich have proven that they support me. I have read dozens of comments on social media in which they appreciate what I have done. Belasitsa will succeed and give the new coach what they promised me.”

Simonovic also commented on the situation in his former club Levski:

Belasitsa fans are dissatisfied with Simonovic’s replacement

The specialist was released a few days ago

The “Stoilov” effect is more and more visible. Murray was not just born to be a coach, but he does not stop looking for his development and learning. We must take an example from him. He is the right man for Levski and despite the financial problems he manages to give a much nicer look to the team. Sooner or later, greater success will come, “Simonovic said in an interview with Match Telegraph.

“No one from Gerena has been looking for me to work at the club. I follow things as a fan. Stoilov, Sirakov and Borimirov will choose the right team for both the school and the administration. We must trust them,” said the former midfielder. the blues “.