Murtada Mansour sends a message to Al-Khatib after Al-Ahli statement

Zamalek chairman Morteza Mansour has revealed his secret approval for the match against Arab Contractors on Saturday in the fifth round of the Premier League.

In a video recorded for the program "Zamalek Today" Mansour said that Zamalek club is a national club and that the interest of the homeland for him is more important than any other.

He added that he feared for security and not from him, stressing that everyone should stand united to serve the country.

He added that there were those who intend to provoke strife after the game and create major crises.

Morteza Mansour sent a message to Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of Al-Ahli, stressing that he must be aware and aware of what is going on behind the scenes, stressing that it is not just football.

Murtada Mansour wondered about Al-Ahly's aim of this statement, stressing that Egypt's interest is above any other consideration.

The Football Association announced the postponement of the summit match between Al-Ahli and Zamalek indefinitely in response to the security demand, stressing that the terrorist groups seek to ignite the state after the game on Saturday if held on time.

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