Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Murtada Mansour: The Arab world has become under guardianship like Zamalek club

Zamalek president Morteza Mansour announced his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the backdrop of recent events in Syria. Mansour said in a telephone interview with Mohamed El Ghaiti in an episode of his “Sleep” program on the LTC television screen that he refused to drop America with the help of France and Britain and the Assad regime. Iraqi Saddam Hussein.

He continued jokingly: “The Arab world is under the guardianship of the Zamalek club,” wondering: “Shufu why did Saddam kill Iraq as a nation? And Gaddafi’s killing Libya was divided into a state? “, Pointing out that the number of Egyptians working in Libya and Iraq was 4 million workers, before the killing of both” Gaddafi “and” Hussein. ” As for the statement of the recent Arab summit, “Mansour” that the leaders of the Arab countries must unite and renounce differences, in order to stand against the forces hostile to the Arab countries.

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