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Today at 6:30 in the afternoon at the Pigoanza Theater the great “Gala of the Best” will be held, with the outstanding artists of the department who were selected within the framework of the first Huila Artistic Musical Festival. It will have free entry for all who want to attend.

Jhoan Sebastian Salazar

The Secretary of Culture of the department of Huila in alliance with the Symphonic Corporation “Abel Valderrama Yusti” will carry out at the Pigoanza Theater in Neiva the great “Gala of the Best” artists from Huila. This event will take place within the framework of the first Huila Artistic Musical Festival, in which a great tribute will be paid to the day of music.

This first artistic Festival has had a very rigorous process where through a call directed to all the artists of the department of Huila, 6 were selected that will be in presentation with the Huila Symphonic Band, interpreting different musical genres.

The artists will be performing with the Huila Symphonic Band.


This first festival opened a call through the page of the Government of Huila from June 15, 2021 to August 30 of this year. 25 interested parties were presented, of which 13 proposals were received that met the registration parameters.

Later, through an evaluation made by the teachers of the symphonic band, only six projects remained, who will be present at the “Gala of the Best”.

“Today we will be celebrating the day of music with a great launch concert called the Gala of the Best, where after a call process we selected six (6) outstanding artists from the Department, after 25 proposals that arrived; with them we will be celebrating the day of Santa Cecilia, the day of music, culture and the day of folklore ”, said Wilder de Jesús Román, director of the Huila Symphonic Band.

Music and culture will take place at the Pigoanza 8 Theater November 25, 2021
Some of the artists who will be present at the “Gala of the Best”.

present artists

For this great gala, two artists from Huila who triumph in the international arena will be presented, they are ISA and JULI, who will be in the celebration of the music day. In addition, there will also be: Chimera Trío, Andean Dawn, Promisión, Estudiantina, Susana and Lía.

“Promisión is a project that fuses the traditional music of Huila with contemporary urban sounds, this proposal in the music business is called World Music and Colombia is a reference of this genre and from Huila we are with Promisión contributing our quota. This is a project that has been going on since 2017 and we have just released our first album entitled “La Fiesta”, which is highly positioned on spotyfi. Today we will be at the Gala of the Best with the Huila Symphonic Band ”, said one of the members of the Promisión group.

Other artists present will be María Lucía Quintero, a member of the Corazón Andino group, who will sing Colombian music at the gala. Natalia Carolina Tovar de Lía will also be there, among other singers.

Music and culture will take place at the Pigoanza 9 Theater November 25, 2021
The gala will also launch the book “History of the Huila Symphonic Band.”

Book launch

Finally, at the Gala of the Best, the presentation of the book “History of the Huila Symphonic Band”, written by the Huila philosopher and researcher Leonardo Ángel and published by the Tierra de Palabras publishing house, will also be made official.

This book recognizes the work and effort of many people who have been part of the cultural process around music. The author manages to generate a universal context to understand the importance of a musical band and then, weave around various characters, an atmosphere of experiences, milestones and dreams that make this organization the oldest and most important cultural institution in Huila.