Music Club Soul from 12.05. with Emeli Sandé – SWR1

Emeli Sandé (“Breathing underwater”) initially chose a different path before deciding on music. Her studies gave her the security she needed to pursue her creative career. In the meantime, she does not write for other songs, but is also successful herself. Her new album is out now.

Medicine instead of Music – Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé (“Breathing underwater”) writes songs for herself, but also for others: for example Leona Lewis or Susan Boyle. She’s been doing this since she was 11, she was offered her first record deal while she was still at school. But she turned down the offer, a life as a singer seemed too uncertain for her, and she should have moved to London.

Studies instead of a career

Instead of devoting herself to her passion, music, Emelie decided to study medicine in Glasgow. Luckily she didn’t let go of the music. In the meantime, Emeli has made friends with the East End of London and she can also make a living from music. Now her new album is out: “Let’s say for instance” and there’s a lot of soul in it.