Music for children – Rheinfelden

Courses offered by the music school from six months until school enrolment.

(BZ). The music school is offering new courses in the following basic subjects from September: The baby music garden (with a parent) from six months takes place for 30 minutes a week for 19 euros a month. Musikgarten I (with a parent) is aimed at children from the age of 15 months, lasts 30 minutes per week and costs 19 euros. In the Musikgarten II (with a parent) children from the age of two can participate for 45 minutes per week for 26 euros. The Music Garden III is intended for children from the age of three. It takes place 45 minutes per week and costs 26 euros. Early musical education is offered from the age of four for 60 minutes per week and 28 euros per month. Children from the age of six can play bongo drums for 60 minutes a week and 32 euros a month.

With these programs, children are introduced to music in groups of around four to a maximum of twelve children, according to the music school.