Music for the people in the Rioja noon

The Calahorra Band, during their concert yesterday in Logroño’s Market Square. / JUST RODRIGUEZ

The Banda de Calahorra offered a brilliant concert yesterday in the Logroño Market Square, very popular with residents and tourists

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Sunday, May 22, 2022, 02:00

Saturday morning, important sun, concurrence of neighbors and tourists in the square and music to put a soundtrack to a perfect moment. The Banda de Calahorra offered a brilliant concert in Logroño at noon yesterday, between modern and traditional, to suit anyone, with an impeccable sound amplified by the facade of the La Redonda co-cathedral. The stamp, another one, remains for the memory of La Rioja Festival.

One of the objectives of the classical music cycle promoted by Pablo Sáinz-Villegas was to bring it closer to the general public and yesterday’s appointment was perfect for it. The Plaza del Mercado and Calle Portales, one of the busiest spots in the city, were the setting for the event. Numerous spectators on the terraces of the bars, somewhat less in the street stalls set up by the City Council, enjoyed a splendid morning show.

Part of the Calagurritan musicians, together with the director, Eduardo Peña Hernández. /

just rodriguez

Under the direction of Eduardo Peña Hernández, fifty musicians of all ages performed a program made up of spectacular pieces, almost film adaptations, more modern than the traditional municipal band repertoire: de Ferrán (Pontones), Navarro (Downey Overture) , Gomez (Leonardo Dreams) and Schwarz (Leonardo). But there were also pasodobles as ‘Suspiros de España’.

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The Banda de Calahorra, with a tradition of more than a century of existence and a long season at the Ideal Theater in its city, in the open air and entertaining numerous public events, yesterday was also the band of La Rioja Festival. The cycle comes to an end today, but yesterday’s goal of bringing music to people was fulfilled.