Music Grenoble – Folk – Meylan, Black Sea Dahu or the happiness of being sad by Hugo Verit Petit Bulletin Grenoble

Folk / Led by the charismatic singer Janine Cathrein, the Swiss indie folk band passes through the Maison de la Musique de Meylan.

According to legend, the dahu is an animal whose two lateral legs are shorter than the others, which allows it to climb the cliffs with astounding ease without being able to turn around. This describes the meteoric rise of Swiss singer Janine Cathrein’s group, Black Sea Dahu, whose music is based precisely on an asymmetry between the intense joy it brings and the deep sadness from which it comes. Since their first album in 2018, the group has enjoyed growing success thanks to a successful strategy on social networks and now distills its modern and complex folk internationally, carried by an androgynous voice. A liberating music, for its interpreter as for the public.

Black Sea Dahu + Claire Days Thursday March 30 at 8 p.m. at the Maison de la musique (Meylan), from €9.30 to €16.40