» Music is the great passion of Kristina Leiter from Sillian

Kristina Leiter loves to play the dulcimer, clarinet and piano. Recently she has also been taking lessons in conducting at the LMS Lienzer Talboden.

Kristina Leiter grew up in a musical Sillian family. Mama Michaela plays the guitar and tenor flute herself, and Papa Josef always encouraged the musical talent of Kristina and her older siblings Martin, Simone and Bettina. “Martin plays tuba and guitar, Simone tuba and flute, Bettina guitar and zither. I myself am learning dulcimer and clarinet at the LMS Sillian-Pustertal, piano at the BORG and recently also conducting at the Lienzer Talboden State Music School,” explains Kristina, who attends the music branch of the BORG Lienz.

Until recently, the siblings acted as family music directors. “We provided music for church celebrations, but also for birthdays, for example. That is no longer possible because my siblings work or study abroad. Martin and Simone still play with the Sillian band. I myself have been a member of the music band for four years and play the clarinet there. I love the community during rehearsals and especially during our performances,” says the 17-year-old.

Eleven years ago, in the 1st grade of elementary school, the young Val Pusteria native started taking dulcimer lessons. In the 1st grade of middle school, the instruments clarinet and piano were added. “This year I started taking conducting lessons in Lienz. I also enjoy that a lot. In the practical part I was allowed to conduct the music band Heinfels. It was quite a sublime feeling when I heard the sound of a whole band for the first time, which I conduct myself.”

Kristina has consistently passed the performance awards in gold, silver and bronze for both clarinet and dulcimer with excellent success. At the music competition “prima la musica” in Meran, the young Sillian won second place with the clarinet. She is currently preparing for the music school diploma examination on the dulcimer. From classical music to folk music – when asked about her preferred genre, Kristina does not want to commit herself. “It was a great experience when we were able to experience George Bizet’s opera classic ‘Carmen’ at the Bregenz Festival. I particularly enjoy playing pieces from the Baroque and Renaissance periods with the dulcimer, and I am preparing for the diploma exam with a piece of folk music. I received the sheet music for ‘Alina’ directly from the composer Christoph Pfändler. I especially like playing pieces by Herbert Pixner.”

Kristina with her parents Michaela and Josef

“It was important to us that all four children learn a musical instrument. We also recognized Kristina’s potential early on. Music is a wonderful hobby where you can be creative and at the same time find relaxation. Music is also good for the soul,” says Mama Michaela, happy that all her children have discovered music as a passion.

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Asked about her career aspirations, Kristina doesn’t think twice. “I want to be a musician or an actress. My big role model is Peter Alexander. I love his songs and the old movies he was in,” she explains. “The sweetest fruits…”, “I count my worries every day” or “Dasweiße Rössl am Wolfgangsee” – Kristina Leiter is also a fan of pop music. “I keep watching the old films with Peter Alexander. I like his relaxed manner, his music and, above all, the snappy sayings, which can be just as helpful in everyday life today as they were 60 years ago,” concludes the young musician.

Text: Raimund Mühlburger, photos: Elias Bachmann, private