Music lessons: 5 good reasons to bet on the piano

Playing a musical instrument is not only enjoyable, but also has many benefits. It can improve concentration, memory, coordination and self-confidence. If you or your child are looking to learn, the piano is a great choice for many reasons. Here are five of them:

1. Huge Repertoire: The piano offers a wide selection of pieces, from classical, jazz, blues and pop to rap, for both solo and accompaniment.

2. Minimal Maintenance: Unlike the guitar, which needs to be tuned before each session, a piano only needs to be tuned two to four times a year. Digital pianos don’t need to be tuned at all.

3. Easy Access: While it takes some practice to master the piano, it’s fairly easy to produce the desired notes just by pressing the keys. On the other hand, playing a wind instrument requires mastering mouth position and airflow before you can produce a clear and in-tune sound.

4. Natural Posture: Unlike some instruments that require awkward postures, the piano allows you to adopt a comfortable position.

5. Solid Foundation: Pianists need to read in two different keys, which makes it easy for them to transition to other instruments, such as the clarinet, trumpet or cello.

In addition to the piano, other performing arts such as theatre, improvisation and singing can also be beneficial. They can help with stress management and taming performance pressure in a positive way. So why not consider enrolling in a music or performing arts course in your area? You can gain self-fulfillment, enhance your talents and even transcend yourself.