Music to fight the war

On March 18, after a three-year hiatus, music once again filled the WiZink Center in Madrid with solidarity thanks to “La Noche de CADENA100”, a benefit concert for Manos Unidas.

Although the concert kicked off at eight in the evening, the artists arrived a few hours before, and from the photocall, they sent Manos Unidas a great message of solidarity.

“CADENA 100 Night”, photograph by Manos Unidas-

Pablo Lopez, Antonio Orozco, Ana Mena, Andrew Suarez, Abraham Matthew, Benson Boone, Lukas Graham, Marlon, Alvaro Soler, DePol, Vicco, Birdy and Vanesa Martin formed the extraordinary lineup of artists that represented, on this special night, the best national and international musical variety for a good cause; support children displaced by the conflict in Cabo Delgado, in Mozambique.

During the almost three hours that the concert lasted, Solidarity once again made a dedicated public vibrate that he was able to find out thanks to Javi Nieves and Mar Amate, the presenters of the evening, the Manos Unidas project that receives the support of “La Noche de CADENA 100”.

Audience at “La Noche de CADENA 100”, photograph by CADENA 100

Music and solidarity led a night full of emotion for curb inequality and become aware of reality of the most vulnerable. «Tonight is very important» Mar Amate pointed out halfway through the concert «for 15 years on this CADENA 100 Night what we do, the important things we do, we do precisely because of Manos Unidas. Each of you with his input has collaborated with a wonderful project », he concluded.

“This year’s project has a very special objective: to provide education, psychological support and food to hundreds of children who are in Mozambique and who have had to flee because of the war» added Javi Nieves. «I think it is worth the support that tonight we are giving with Manos Unidas in “The Night of CADENA 100”», ended.

Return to displaced children illusion and childhood

Vanesa Martín was one of the artists who during the photocall dedicated a few words to the project that Manos Unidas carries out together with the Diocese of Nacalayour local partner.

«Because of the work that you do, all the efforts are few» he pointed out, «in this case here we are with the music so that these childrento whom all the proceeds are directed, we can return the smiletheir family balance, the illusion and the childhood that has been stolen from them by this hard war ».

Children in Nacala, Mozambique, photograph by Marta Carreño

The objective of the project is to provide these children with a quality education through the realization of recreational sports activities (theatre, music, visual arts…) and combine them with group and individual psychological carel to help them come to terms with the trauma of leaving everything they knew behind. Professionals also try to ensure the iIntegration of these children in the new environment in a healthy way so that they have a happy childhood.

Discover all the details of the project here

Once again, from Manos Unidas we want to express our immense gratitude to all those who made this very special night possible. “CADENA 100 Night” shone with its own light to illuminate the dreams of hundreds of children displaced by the war in Mozambique.