Musk finally gives good news…about the speed of Twitter

For weeks, Twitter has been suffering from great difficulties, amid a torrent of criticism that has afflicted it since the American wealthy Elon Musk acquired it, whether due to technical and technical problems, or the layoffs of thousands of employees.

However, Mask Zif finally gave good news to users, stressing that important improvements are coming to the platform, especially in terms of speed.

And he wrote in a tweet, on his account today, Thursday, “You may notice small, and sometimes large, improvements in the speed of Twitter … which will be of particular importance in countries far from the United States of America.”

Speed ​​improvement

This came as the site is undergoing major transformations, since its purchase by the controversial man, amid fears that the layoffs of a large number of employees will lead to an increase in loopholes and defects.

Technical problems

The platform recorded a number of problems, according to what was revealed yesterday by the “Axios” website, including the automated system for intellectual property rights that was not working, on Sunday evening, and made some users publish a number of clips with rights, and it remained on the platform for hours before it was removed.

Twitter accounts were also reported to be hacked, and the site was slow to interact with users in order to restore accounts.

Twitter Inc. (AFP)

Security concerns

In parallel, there are concerns about security, as some users have encountered problems with the two-step verification process, which is carried out through text messages, in order to access their accounts.

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Other users have also reported problems uploading their data to Twitter.