Musk motivated the employees again, every car could decide on losses

The Californian carmaker has already had three successful quarters, but every car could decide on the success in the fourth.

Yesterday’s end of the second quarter of 2020 was important in the Czech Republic, especially for the rest of the schoolchildren, who finally picked up their certificates and headed for the coveted holidays. But Tesla worked until the last minute, because each piece produced and delivered could decide on a quarterly profit or loss.

Elon Musk was even supposed to send a letter to his employees on Monday informing them that they are only a short distance from the possibility of surviving the second quarter without losses. At the same time, this is quite rare at a time when most carmakers are counting huge losses due to coronavirus. And especially with Tesla, which has not yet enjoyed many periods in the green.

However, it has been on the cabbage wave since the third quarter of last year, and even at the end of the first quarter of 2020, in which the losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic already spoke, Tesla was able to report a profit. No wonder Musk told his employees, “Every car produced and delivered can make a difference. Please put everything into it to ensure victory.

The carmaker should probably publish the results for the second quarter before the weekend. However, according to analysts, Tesla was able to produce and deliver about 74,000 electric cars from April to June, according to Reuters. In the first quarter, it was about 88,400 cars.

At the same time, Tesla is not just about profit and a better reputation. The carmaker would like to be part of the S&P 500 market index, which includes shares of the 500 largest traders on the US stock exchange. However, one of the conditions is to achieve profitability in four consecutive quarters, which Tesla now has at hand.


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