Musk took over Twitter: Layoffs and 12-hour shifts seven days a week

Fear of being fired

Twitter staff were also to immediately hand over all technical documentation to Musk’s teams.

They also told CNBC that they have yet to receive any guidance or plans from Musk and feel they are being kept in the dark about budgets, strategy and potential job cuts.

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They also say they have no information from their new director about whether all the extra work they are currently doing will earn them extra money, spare time off or job security.

“This is the end,” one of the employees described the feeling in the company under Musk’s leadership, according to the Insider server. “Our jobs are in jeopardy.”

Gallows dates

Musk also reportedly set very tough deadlines for some tasks and major changes to the social network’s operation. These include an expected change in website design and how Twitter will authenticate users using the blue circle with a checkmark.

Additionally, several Twitter employees told CNBC over the weekend that Tesla workers who were reassigned and now work at Twitter are involved in the social network’s code review, even though their skills from working on Autopilot and other Tesla software and hardware don’t directly overlap with the languages ​​and systems used to create and maintain a social network.

For example, most engineers at car companies, even at the technologically advanced Tesla, have no experience designing and operating search engines and platforms that are widely accessible to the public.

Musk also pulled other employees from his other companies, such as the Boring Company, which produces underground tunnels, and Neuralink, which deals with digital connections with the human brain. CNBC also reports that a number of Musk’s friends, advisers and financial backers are also involved in the redesign of the social network.

Elon Musk

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The Twitter upheaval comes as the world’s richest man finally outlined his plans to charge verified Twitter users to keep his blue wheel. According to employees, Musk wants to complete this work in the first week of November.

Server Insider then quoted an internal management memo sent to the Twitter team: “We are expected to work literally 24/7 to get the changes out there as quickly as possible.”

Paid blue wheel

There were initially reports that the monthly fee for the so-called verified account would be as much as $20 per month, however the billionaire lowered it to “just” $8.

According to UNILAD, Musk said this new payment system will provide Twitter with a revenue stream that will reward content creators. “The current lords and peasants system on Twitter for who has or doesn’t have a blue tick is nonsense,” he also said.

However, his bold plan to charge users for that blue wheel could backfire as people who already have the verification badge say they won’t pay for it.