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EU politicians, it is often said, hardly anyone outside Brussels and Strasbourg. However, this is not the case for some of the upcoming members of the European Parliament. The election, which takes place from 23 to 26 May, is expected to bring various people with well-known names to the EU parliament.

Perhaps the best known carries Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini, The 51-year-old Italian is not only a great-grandson of Benito Mussolini, he is ideologically not too far away from the former fascist dictator and Hitler's ally: Mussolini is running for the right-wing national party Fratelli d'Italia. He does not see his name as a blemish, but as a preference. "So many want 'Mussolini' write on their ballots," said the politician of the newspaper "Il Messagero". That's why he even made his name the motto of his campaign: "Scrivi Mussolini" ("Write Mussolini").

From Italy comes another prominent candidate for the European Parliament: Silvio Berlusconi. The former permanent prime minister is now 82 years old, but obviously still considers himself indispensable. "Out of sense of responsibility," he said again in the election campaign, he said. At least he would not need it financially: Berlusconi is a media mogul and a multiple millionaire. However, the party led by Forza Italia has seen better times, in surveys it is sometimes in the single-digit percentage range. Whether he can change that is open. However, it seems certain that in a European Parliament with Berlusconi it will be less boring than without him.

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With Beata Szydlo Another former head of government is seeking to join the EU headquarters. She was Prime Minister of Poland from 2015 to 2017, albeit at the mercy of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the strong man in Warsaw. In Brussels, there are few good memories of Szydlo from this period: the resolute national conservative repeatedly clashed with the leaders of the EU and its member states, above all because of the democratization in their home country.

He was not a head of government, but he is at least as well known: Yanis Varoufakis has been considered one of the world's most prominent, if not the most prominent contemporary Greek politicians since the financial crisis. His disputes with the then German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble are legendary in Brussels. Even when Greece was about to leave the Eurozone, the economics professor gave talks to the EU finance ministers in nocturnal crisis sessions on left-wing theories. In the European elections Varoufakis competes in Germany – as the leading candidate of the Association Democracy in Europe, thanks to his Berlin residence. Varoufakis will know why: Germany is one of the few EU countries without a threshold for small parties.

Of that, too Martin Sonneborn profit again. The satirist and co-editor of the "Titanic" magazine has surprisingly brought it with his party "The Party" 2014 in the EU Parliament and is also this time on their first list. Incidentally, there is a cabaret player in second place Nico Semsrott, which can be seen, inter alia, in the ZDF satirical show "today-show".

Austria also sends TV celebrities into the race. The TV cook Sarah Wiener is in second place on the green list of her country. They can really use a TV personality, since they have not been represented in the Vienna Parliament since 2017. In the European Parliament, they currently have three MPs. According to polls threatens the election but such a poor result that it could be close even for Viennese on the second list.

From the entertainment industry comes in a sense as well Ilie Nastase: The Romanian was at least 40 weeks long at number one tennis world ranking. The audience entertained him not only with playful skill, but also with sometimes boorish, sometimes witty appearance, which earned him the English nickname "Bucharest Buffoon" – which means as much as the "Kasper from Bucharest". This is now a quarter of a century ago, but his temperament has apparently kept the 72-year-old today. In 2017, he was a captain of the Romanian women's team with racist and sexist slogans, which is why the World Association until 2021 closed. Last year, Nastase fought a riot with police after he lost his driver's license to drunk driving and was caught driving a car hours later.

And the British? Also take part again in the European elections – Brexit or not. Although it may feel in the rest of Europe, as would be out of the notorious EU enemy Nigel Farage no other Briton a European election campaign. But there is another prominent name: Johnson. Rachel Johnson, The newspaper columnist is the sister of Boris Johnson, one of the leading conservative Brexit hardliners. However, she has little in common with her brother's political views: she stands for the new EU-friendly party, Change UK. However, much to the dismay of many on the continent, there is little chance of a good election result, as well as the other pro-EU parties in the UK.

That's why some British EU-friends may already want to go out of the country or even leave the earth, at least temporarily. After all, there will probably be an expert in the European Parliament soon: Ivan Bella, The candidate of the xenophobic party "We are family" flew 20 years ago as the first and so far only Slovak in space.

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