Must have items !! When Genshin Impact teamed up with KFC to release a limited set of fried chicken that comes with wings !!

Monday, February 22, 2564 AD, 16:37, 56 seconds, Indochina time

I want it, I want it !! When there were players Twitter Japanese people have come across interesting information about Collaboration During the famous game Genshin Impact Together with a food store Fast Food Famous brands like KFC

Despite the fact that this kind of story is not anything new because when 2 – 3 Last year, another popular mobile game like Granblue Fantasy Had a chance Collab Together with the shop Fast Food at McDonald Before and still being given Code To receive the most reward Premium Within the game as well

The inside of this set will consist of burgers, fried chicken, pies and soft drinks. But not just yet Because within the set there will still be a distribution Code For those who bought this set Which will receive the lowest wing Limited Edition Which let me tell you that it is beautiful And suitable to bring to characters like Klee Put in the extreme

But it is a pity that Collab This is still only available within China. We have to wait and see if it will be distributed to other countries in the future, or maybe this wing will be brought from in various events in the future as well. Which will have to wait and follow each other



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