Mutual Funds: more profitable options

Their liquidity, which is around 24 and 48 hours, shows them as an interesting option for different types of savers. How much can you earn with them

The mutual funds (FCI) were the first contact that many savers had with the capital market, based on their attractive operating mechanism, interesting gains in pesos and even the possibility of positioning itself in foreign assets.

These collective investment vehicles that allow different profiles to access a diversified portfolio managed by a professional manager, have a great advantage over traditional deadlines: the possibility of redeem funds within 24 to 48 hours, unlike the deposit that must remain immobilized in the bank for at least 30 days.

The FCI became more important after the parking for five business days for foreign negotiable securities issued by the National Securities Chamber (CNV), an action that led to the operators of counted with liqui and Cedears to look for new options.

For this reason, they became a concrete possibility both for those who have a lot of experience in the world of finance, as well as for small savers who are looking for a tool to preserve the purchasing power of their pesos before the impossibility of acquiring dollar officer much cheaper than the blue.

“They’re a great alternative for the average saver, who must choose the one that best suits their interest, “he explained to Profesional Estanislao Malic, economist specialized in Banks and Finance, who also stressed that each investor should define what reference value will be the one they will take.

“If you don’t want to lose your footing dollar MEPFor example, you should invest in those who have assets in it, and are susceptible to debt swaps, “he said.

Wide variety, according to what each one wants to invest

Mutual funds' profiles are conservative, moderate and aggressive

Mutual funds’ profiles are conservative, moderate and aggressive

There are Mutual funds of different types and are designed for the many profiles: “Conservative”, “Moderate” or “Aggressive”, which are defined in relation to the decisions that each one is willing to make when analyzing what percentage of savings or capital is willing to use in operations.

“Essentially it is necessary to consider the knowledge that each saver has of the market and of the available financial assets. The more sophisticated savers are, the better choices will make more volatile mutual funds, which can also give a higher return. These can be long-term bond or stock funds. But the less you know, the more conservative funds should be prioritized“Malic explained.

There are different alternatives available from FCI in pesos to try to save and beat inflation. “The first thing to consider is intra-month liquidity,” warned Daniel Vicien, Commercial Director of Balanz Common Investment Funds, who also stressed that the minimum amount to enter is $ 1,000.

For investments of more than a month, the simplest are the so-called T + 1 fundswhich can retire in 24 hours and invest in very short-term bills and exceed the performance of the Fixed Term.

“He Balanz Capital Savings had 90 months of positive performance, none negative. This Fund yielded 86% in 2019 and is 17% this year; the added feature is liquidity. In other words, it yields more than a fixed term and can be withdrawn in 24 hours, “added Vicien.

“A fixed term invested, renewed every 30 days from January 1, and having the fixed term rate greater than 1 million pesos, had a yield until June 26 of 13.12%. Annualized is 32.8%. The bottom Balanz Capital Savings had in that period a yield of 16.65%, which annualized is 37.68%“, cited as an example the specialist to transfer the words to the plane of the numbers.

On the other hand, for those whose main concern is inflation, there are FCI Investing in Bonds with CER Adjustment; what positions them as an overcoming alternative to the loss of the purchasing power of the peso.

For those who think in dollars


Funds with corporate dollar linked bonds adjust to the variation of the official exchange rate

Right now, when there is a gap in the value of the different types of dollar close to 70%Those who have the US currency as a reference and want to take refuge in this hard currency and “save themselves” in the event of a possible devaluation of the Argentine exchange rate, they also have FCI that respond to their needs.

These investors can bet on corporate linked dollar bond funds which are adjusted by the variation of the official exchange rate. Vicien cited the example of Balanz Fixed Income, which invests in private bonds that follow the evolution of the price of the dollar and which had a yield of 4.75% in the first 26 days of June.

Interesting, but don’t trust yourself

Mutual Funds have become an attractive option due to their wide range of possibilities for both average savers and market experts.

But as they cannot guarantee future values, it is important that you be alert to their variations since they will demand an active posture to analyze the steps to follow to maximize profits.

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