MxDona supports more than 30 Mexican organizations

Supporting social causes is not only contributing, it is also receiving. In today’s connected world it is possible -thanks to technology- to have at our fingertips the opportunity to support thousands of causes.

One way that is already widely accepted to help is the Crowfundingan alternative to financing online in which investors contribute directly to a cause that can be used by entrepreneurs or non-profit organizations looking to raise funds.

Text and Photos: Matilde Morales Betancourt

The advantage of this method is that it can reach a wide audience and on the one hand, the general public can make a contribution easily and safelywhile the organization receives the monetary contributions in a concrete, clear and fast way.

In Mexico, since 2014 HIPGive raise money through this method. It is a platform of digital tools for Hispanics in Philanthropyleaders of the Latino philanthropy that emerged in 1983 in the United States, in order to provide support and the necessary incentives for various non-profit organizations and individuals to reach a fundraising goal.

They make visible the work of the Social Organizations throughout the American continent and invite people to donate, with the aim of multiplying the impact in Latino communities through special campaigns that support projects that defend human rights, promote economic development, create new educational opportunities, take care of of natural resources, among other causes.

#MxDona recently the presentation of presented #MxDonaa digital movement that throughout the month of June will give visibility to more than 30 Mexican social impact organizations, where representatives of HIPGive.

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This third edition #MxDona supports more than 30 organizations from 15 states of the republic that benefit the following categories: health and well-being, reduction of inequalities, zero hunger, end of poverty, quality education, climate action, among others.

The initiative is active in you can choose the project to which you want to donate from any amount.