“My children do not ask me about their mother”

Ricardo Morán decided to respond to Gisela Valcárcel and Eddie Fleischmanwho defended the presence of a mother for her children.

Ricardo Moran and his response to Gisela and Fleischman: “My children don’t ask me about their mother” | Fuente: Instagram

Ricardo Morán continues to fight for the registration of his children in the RENIEC, promoting the information on how he managed to be the father of Catalina and Emiliano. Given this, there were divided opinions on social networks, where they participated Gisela Valcárcel and Eddie Fleischmanshowing his position against a person not having a mother.

What did Gisela and Fleischman say about the Ricardo Morán case?

Gisela Valcarcel used his Twitter account, highlighting that having a mother is natural, and it is not something that should be avoided teaching: “Having a mother is natural, we come for a mother, whether you know her or not, your heart will always look for your mother. It is not something that is TAUGHT… it is just something that she feels. Things can and should change, but DON’T TELL ME THAT IF I DON’T SEE MY MOM, I won’t think about it!”. Likewise, the journalist Eddie Fleischman supported what was expressed through a tweet, highlighting that the human is looking for his mother from the beginning: Fleischman: Exactly. Selling the story that if you don’t talk about it, you don’t understand its existence is a perversion. You have to have a neuronal disorder to think like that. The human being instinctively looks for the mother since she is born”.

Ricardo Morán responds to Gisela and Fleischman

After what was written by Gisela Valcarcel y Eddie Fleischman, Ricardo Morán answered them through an interview with La República, emphasizing that his children never asked him about his mother. Likewise, he spoke about the comments he receives when posting photos of his children: “Well, my kids don’t ask me about their mom. They ask me about Mickey Mouse’s house and about Paw Patrol, because that’s their universe. And here comes that famous video in which I tell this and say that I feel that it is an imposition of society that my children have a mother by force (…) I put a picture of my children and 25 guys say “ahhh it came out to the mother”, as their way of making jokes, and another 25 say “and where is the mother?” and I answer them “taking the photo”. And another 25 say “it can’t be, we were all born from someone”.

Finally, Ricardo Morán explained again that his children were born through in vitro fertilization: “My children have been generated by a technology that has existed for forty-odd years, which is in vitro fertilization, with donated eggs in a temporary surrogate mother (…) What does that mean? It means there is no mom! It means that the woman who housed them in her womb is not her mother and she is not genetically related to them.”