My dad wanted to hit back hard for those! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Businessman Suleiman Al-Saif narrated the story of Bahrain’s “Fanajeen” deal, which coincidentally changed the state of his business.

travel to the two seas

He said during an interview with the “Meeting from Zero” program: “I used to hear from merchants that they bring goods from the Gulf, especially Bahrain and Kuwait, so I decided to travel to Bahrain,” noting that he traveled from Khobar to Bahrain in a small wooden launch at a cost of 3 riyals.

He continued: When I arrived in Bahrain, I started wandering around and found a sign on which the Al-Ameen company was written. Shipping is not done, I don’t pay anything.


And he added: I took the contract from the owner of the company, and he told me to go to a Pakistani bank branch to open a credit for me, and I did not have prior knowledge of this matter because my sums of money I used to deposit in banks, but the banks did not deal with them, pointing out that he went to the Pakistani bank and asked He opened the letter of credit, so the bank manager told him that the value of the contract was 250 thousand dollars, and this is a huge amount, so he told him that the amount was available to him even though he only had 5 thousand riyals with him.

Amount Insurance

And he continued: The bank manager asked for 5% insurance, the presenter of the credit, so I went back to Saudi Arabia and brought 40,000 riyals and handed the amount to the bank manager to open the credit, and after an hour I took the credit and went to the Al-Amin company and its owner sent the credit to China and that was in 1973, which witnessed the war between Egypt and Israel During this war, ships stopped to the east for fear of dangers.

apostasy an act competitors

He added: I returned to Riyadh and informed my father about the deal, so he laughed and told me that it is impossible to get a deal at this price, and he informed the competitors and told them that I had obtained a cup contract, so they said that your son is lying and this is not true, pointing out that the competitors were monopolizing the cup trade.

And he continued, saying: “My father came back and told me the group lied to me. Are you sure? I told him yes, sure,” indicating that after a while he received a telegram from the Al-Amin company stating that it had been shipped from China, and he told his father that the agreed quantity had been shipped, so his father felt psychologically comfortable. He did not care about the cups, but he was interested in returning the heavy weight of those who lied to him in the market.

completion Deal

He continued: The bank asked for 700,000 riyals, and I told my father and he was able to take a loan and collect the amount. I took it and went to Bahrain to get the cups.