‘My daughter refused to pee all holiday because there was a spider’

Image: Pixabay

Great fun camping with the whole family. Until your kid yells at half the campsite because she saw a spider.

Elise (33), mother of Jasmine (4):

“I have camped twice: the first and the last time. Everyone said beforehand how much fun it would be for children. That is true. That is, if they do not suffer from phobias and fears.

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For example, last May Jasmijn saw a tiny spider in the laundry room, started screaming and didn’t stop. She whined and screamed half the campsite. I was scared to death. She refused to pee there for the rest of the holiday, let alone wash. Every time I took a step towards the bathroom, Jasmine raised a throat.

In the end I just put her on a bucket in the caravan to pee and bought diaper pants for the big errand. From now on, only a stone house including bathroom for our drama queen.”

This article appears in Kek Mama 08-2022.

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