My daughter wants to marry far away, but her parents oppose it… Crying and shouting “crawling to her boyfriend’s car” and being pulled back to the next scene by her mother is too sad | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A video shared by a netizen in Fuyang City, Anhui Province, mainland China sparked heated discussions. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

Some people say that a long-distance marriage is a road of no return, that every tenth marriage is regretful, and there are nine sorrows. A video shared by a netizen in Fuyang City, Anhui Province, mainland China sparked heated discussions. I saw a woman who wanted to marry far away in Guizhou, but her parents did not agree, and the mother and daughter were tearing at each other on the street. After the picture was exposed, netizens couldn’t help sighing, “In another 10, 20 years, the daughter will finally understand what her parents did.”

Witnesses said that the incident happened in Fuyang, Anhui. A local woman was dating a man from Guizhou. The two met at work and had been in free love for a long time. On the day of the incident, the woman brought her boyfriend to the house to meet her parents. Unexpectedly, the parents disliked the distance between the two and did not agree with her daughter marrying far away. busy.

The parents disagreed, but the daughter insisted on following her boyfriend. When her boyfriend’s car started, she desperately ran to her boyfriend’s car, left her parents, and wanted to leave with the man. The mother tried her best to stop her daughter and calm her down. At this time, the daughter, who was dazzled by love, could not listen to her parents’ words. She immediately broke down and cried and shouted to leave with her boyfriend.

The mother had no choice but to grab her daughter and let the man leave quickly. But regardless, the daughter tried her best to break free from her mother’s pull, climbed onto her boyfriend’s car, and finally grabbed the wheel and refused to let go no matter what. At this moment, the mother seemed to be angry too, scolding her daughter and breaking her hand with force. In the end, the man still respected the parents’ opinions and advised his girlfriend and mother to go back first.

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The video sparked discussions, and some netizens thought, “Although I don’t reject long-distance marriage, it must be very expensive to marry in this way. There are many such examples around me. At that time, because of love, they recklessly married into my husband’s family. After a few years, love No, when only the family is left to maintain the relationship between the two, the daughter who married far away really wants to cry but has no tears”; some people say, “The girl is in love, the more you stop it, the more she wants to follow you. Don’t stop them, let them be together for a while, and after being defeated by various realities, they will naturally come back.”