My education, our future: join the commitment for educational recovery

Participate on Thursday, June 2 at 12:00 (GMT-4) in the call for educational recovery, organized by UNESCO, UNICEF, the Inter-American Dialogue and the World Bank.

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Latin America and the Caribbean faces the greatest educational crisis in its history

Because right now? While many schools have reopened, the education crisis is not over for the more than 170 million students who experienced one of the longest school closures in the world.

Today, almost all students in Latin America and the Caribbean have regressed in their learning, representing a loss of more than a decade in the region’s educational achievements. But not all children have been affected in the same way: the youngest and the poorest have been the most affected.

If left unaddressed, collective learning losses will handicap Latin America and the Caribbean for decades, exacerbating inequalities and jeopardizing economic growth.

The serious educational impacts derived from COVID-19 demand urgent, coordinated and scaled actions to rescue the present and future of children and young people in the region.