“My example may have been very unfortunate”

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The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, María José Zaldívar, acknowledged that his phrase about the purchase of plasmas with 10% of AFP funds was an “unfortunate” example.

On Wednesday, the Secretary of State said that “indeed there may be an impulse in purchases, hopefully in essential items and we do not see images like the ones we saw in countries like Peru, which you saw people coming out of stores with plasmas”.

His phrase was criticized on social networks by those who argue that people can do whatever they want with their savings and for who stated that unemployment rates do not leave room for such situations.

In interview with Cooperative, the head of Labor explained that “the question they asked me was if I believed and if we had estimates of how this 10% refund would reactivate consumption in the country, and the answer was that when this law was discussed of the 10% withdrawal, what was raised was precisely the situation of huge number of families who were not receiving support, who did not have income and who were having enormous difficulties to be able to take care of their basic needs”.

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Along these lines, he recognized that “My example may have been very unfortunate”, but he added that he said it “in a context of understanding the dramatic situation that many households in our country have experienced.”

The minister added that “the question was if I believed that this should reactivate consumption and I believe that clearly that is not the way to face a situation as dramatic as the one we are experiencing”.

Asked if the Government believes that affiliates to the AFP system can dispose of the withdrawn savings in the way they want, the minister replied: this is going to reactivate consumption, when we are experiencing an extraordinary emergency situation, it seems complex to me“.


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