“My father died 14 years earlier”, the phrase that costs a ride in court – Libero Quotidiano

As promised: Matteo Bassetti sued Gianluigi Paragone. “This morning, my lawyer Rachele De Stefanis filed the complaint against Gianluigi Paragone for aggravated defamation following what happened on November 17 during the broadcast It is not the Arena from Massimo Giletti“, says the infectious disease specialist of San Martino di Genova on Facebook. The reference is to the words spoken by the former grillino, now leader of Italexit, in connection with Giletti.” I don’t have a father who places me there at the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Genoa where they are now, as Paragone said – continues Bassetti -. Too bad that my father, unfortunately, died prematurely on 12 September 2005 and I obtained the chair of infectious diseases in Genoa in November 2019, that is over 14 years after his death“.

The infectious disease specialist defines the complaint against Paragone as “a duty”. First of all – he concludes – “for the dignity of the undersigned but above all for my father, a righteous father and an esteemed man, even before being a great doctor and professional. We just have to wait for justice to take its course”. On La7 the two, senator and primary, had had a question and answer on the vaccine and Covid. While Bassetti he called the theories of the interlocutor “bullshit” No vax and No Green pass, Paragone interrupted by claiming that he did not have “a father who places me there, at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Genoa, where you are now”. Paragone also explicitly said that “Bassetti is a father’s son”.

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Strong words that Bassetti did not forgive. “The news is obviously false – confirms the doctor’s lawyer -, given that Professor Bassetti’s father died in September 2005, when he was 35 and had just finished his doctorate. The circumstance attributed to him is clearly false, and this morning a complaint was filed with the prosecutor in Genoa for f. There will also be a large claim for damages even in civil law, given what has been said in front of millions of spectators. The defamation is not only towards Bassetti, but also towards his father “.