“My father had two faces, often shouting vulgarly!”

Dominika Gottová often likes to bring inappropriate experiences and stories with her famous father to the media. This time, Slavík’s daughter came up with the claim that Karel Gott was a choleric and was pretending to be in front of people!

According to Karel Gott’s fans, Dominika Gott often dishonors her late father and should rather keep some information to herself. While the widow Ivana Gottová has cleaned up from the media world since her husband’s funeral, Dominika does the exact opposite. Although she constantly repeats that she is uncomfortable with the attention of journalists, she often communicates with them herself and often lets intimate information out.

For example, one passage from the book The Last Years with Charles was very shocking. In this publication, Dominika Gott accused her father of infidelity, saying that he had another son at the time of his marriage to Ivana.

But that’s not all the dirty laundry that Gott’s eldest daughter is going to wash in public.

Karel Gott is said to have pretended to be nervous in real life

Karel Gott has kept the image of a decently behaved gentleman throughout his career, and few could even imagine him raising his voice.

According to Dominika Gottová, however, her father had two faces, one of which he kept in front of the fans, but he managed to be a real nerve at home.

Gott’s daughter even claims that when she had a conflict with him, she was afraid and preferred to agree everything with her father.

“When he banged, he was horrified,” Dominika Gott says of her late father

“When it exploded in him, he was really horrified. And sometimes there were vulgar words. But my father didn’t get upset in public. For example, in a restaurant he often told me that we had to talk, but not right here. ‘ I got behind my ears, but I didn’t oppose him, I just listened and there was silence, “said Dominika Gottová according to the website Plus.sk.

The question is whether again the singer’s daughter is not just trying to attract attention. These days, Gott is out of work and flew to Finland to arrange social housing with her husband Tim Tolkki.

Shortly before leaving, Dominika finished another book, which will probably be full of spiciness again. So let’s be surprised what a secret he reveals this time.


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