My favorite stylist has the most beautiful knitted dress on all of Instagram and has signed it on Amazon

I admit it, I spend many hours on Instagram -TikTok hasn’t given me yet, I guess I’m a millennial lady- this has its drawbacks (mainly that time flies by) and some other advantages, like find super interesting profiles of something that I am passionate about: fashion.

The Drop Women’s Miles Long Crochet Short Sleeve Dress, Coffee, X-Large

This is what happens to me with the profile of the stylist Erea Louro, an expert in the field of what fashion that not only shows great looks almost daily -very easy to copy by the way, because she handles the basics like a true teacher- she also leaves us super interesting reels about fashion history, style icons and also gives a lot of tips to make the most of what we have in the closet.

Come on it has become one of my mandatory daily consultation profiles because I find it complete and super interesting. The bad thing about these things is that sometimes I end up stinging with some other need that creates me, like this dress from The Drop to be the real thing. queen from the beach bar

The dress is signed by The Drop


The dress itself is a crochet effect cotton design Available in two colors -brown and white- with a crew neck and super flattering straight silhouette. The classic knit piece that you want to wear even on the hottest days without losing elegance -with what it costs to maintain your composure when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees- at a fairly affordable price, for 49.90 euros. It is part of The Drop’s exclusive collection for Amazona firm that has me hooked for a long time.

The Drop Women's Miles Long Crochet Short Sleeve Dress, Coffee, X-Large

The Drop Women’s Miles Long Crochet Short Sleeve Dress, Coffee, X-Large

Although Erea has chosen it in brown -ideal and sophisticated- I have leaned more towards white, since I want to bet on this color and enhance tanned skin (when I am lucky enough to step on the beach, of course). The good news is that it is available in a wide variety of sizes (up to 5XL) so it seems that in this case, Amazon really applies the inclusion story.

Try first and pay later

If you are subscribed to Prime you can try the exclusive service that allows us to try on the garment for seven days and pay later (if we stay with her finally). A fairly comfortable advantage that avoids us waiting for days for the store to refund our money, if when it arrives home we are not completely convinced and we want to return it.

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