“My mother is a director, but she’s not Spielberg!”. Calenda candidate rejects accusations of being rich and pariolino

“I warned everyone and explained right away that I want to do something as broad as possible. I’m sorry I don’t understand the fact that I seem to be answering a call from the vast area of ​​the center left ”. Thus explains, Carlo Calenda to the press, his decision to run for mayor of Rome. Choice that has the effect of dividing the Democratic Party on the choice of the leader of Action, who however emphasizes that he is placed in the center-left: “I was a minister in a legislature of center-left governments – he remembers -, I’m speaking from the Pd-We are European group, so ‘else can I be? ”.

And in the face of criticism of having been elected MEP in the Democratic Party and then leaving the party, Calenda claims his consistency: “I left the party – he says – but not from the group in Europe, where there is no M5S. As for the no to the primary, are we in a phase in which we cannot go to dinner for more than six, and do we organize the gazebos? Or are we waiting for next spring and meanwhile discussing among ourselves? Apart from the fact that it was said that if there had been a prominent candidate in Rome, one could not do the primary. I think I am a recognizable public figure in Rome, but I will speak with Zingaretti about the primaries, I intend to ask him for an appointment in the next few hours “.

Regarding the criticisms according to which he would be a pariolino mayor, Calenda replies that, “apart from the fact that I was born and lived in the African quarter, not in Parioli, but then I don’t come from a rich family as you think: my mother is a director, but it’s not Spielberg! I assure you that a notary or a lawyer is richer.
I come from a culturally high background, but I have never set foot in the Aniene club, for example. I have led a normal life, starting to work at 18 while I was in university and I challenge you to find another minister who has spent as much time as I have sitting at the union tables. To a boy from the suburbs I would say that to fix the suburbs you need to have studied and worked: I realize that perhaps that boy thinks that someone who has sold drinks at the San Paolo is closer to him, but then as a minister I don’t think he knows. to guarantee. You must have the skills to help those who are not well ”.

As for the video of the 2018 video in which he said ‘I would be a scoundrel if I applied for Rome’, “it must be contextualized – says Calenda -.
At that stage I was Minister of Development, the Raggi seemed to be able to resign at any moment. At that moment I didn’t want to do politics, I didn’t even run for Parliament “. And he adds: “There are many things to do in Rome, the most important construction sites are the institutional one and that of decoration and transport. Perhaps first I would make a delegation to the municipalities to be more autonomous. In a possible council, I would like to have Federica Angeli, for her battle over legality. And the president of the VIII municipality Amedeo Ciaccheri is doing a good job. I will resign as MEP to be mayor, if I win. Until then I will continue my work in the European Parliament ”.