My name is Bond, James Bond

The most sophisticated British spy of all time has turned 60 on the big screen. From October 5, 1962, when the first of the films premiered at the London Pavilion, “Agent 007 vs. Dr. No”, six different actors -Sean Connery (1962-1967; 1971; 1983), George Lazenby (1969 ), Roger Moore (1973-1985), Timothy Dalton (1987-1989), Pierce Brosnan (1995-2002) and Daniel Craig (2006-2021)- have played the spy, each of them providing the character with traits inherent to his own personality. Since that day of the premiere, and through five and a half actors (the medium is, naturally, Georges Lazenby who only shot “In Her Majesty’s Service”), Bond has been part of the collective imagination with the reality of existence that the characters of popular fiction followed for generations. That is the reason why some of the actors have more or less caused a sensation by wearing the 007 agent suit. Moore, Roger Moore went so far as to declare that Daniel Craig had been “the best who has played Bond”, despite his choice to embody the character was not widely applauded. According to world critics, Sean Connery, was the real James Bond, the best interpreter of him, who goes for two years that he left us forever, at 90 years of age. It was the night of October 31, accompanied by his family in Nassau, in the Bahamas.

Among the usual peculiarities of the films, the Bond girls stand out, those whom the agent has had to help or from whom he has had to defend himself. The common factor of all of them was great beauty, sculptural physiques and the possibility of becoming an icon -which some have taken advantage of better than others-, as is the case of Ursula Andress.

Hedonist and womanizer, Bond in all deliveries, there are 14 novels published by Ian Fleming, published between 1953 and 1966, and 25 films with Bond as the protagonist, he has always shown a great ability to get rid of all his enemies. 90 years later, six decades of titles later, he said “never again” for the first time.

Safely, James Bond will continue to abide by his own moral code and ask for the martini “mixed, but not shaken”, because despite the physical metamorphosis of the actors who have played him, his hallmarks are immutable.