My opinion after the tragedy that affects us all without exception

My opinion after the tragedy that affects us all without exception

14 mars 2023

When the Government does well-thought-out things, it should also be congratulated, let’s forget a little about hatred and insults. Let us think of the survivors, the missing persons and those who did not survive this tragedy.

You will probably ask yourself the question, why does he say that?

Quite simply, that the government did not take the courageous and responsible steps in a hurry to suspend Merchant Navy officials.

To do so, he first had to carry out an administrative investigation so that those responsible in direct contact with the shipowner would be suspended. Also so that criminal responsibilities are established and that everyone is answerable for their actions, as the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister have said so well.

It is true that with emotion and passion, we say that the help arrived late, but we must also be clear that if ever the large device had been able to come in the same night it could also be more catastrophic since no passenger could not be located and the waves caused by the boats coming to rescue them could also be fatal for the survivors who were in the poorly inflated lifeboats.

Having worked at the CNNII as Director of specialized transport, operations and at the end of projects and development, I know what I am talking about. Night rescue is more dangerous than anything else, especially when the scene of the tragedy has not yet been located. To rescue people at sea, you have to be really well organized, so that everything is done according to the rules of the art and without haste.

It is true that we do not understand why it happened in the morning. But dear brothers and sisters, the logistics of doing this are not done by snapping your fingers.

I still have hope that we will still find people alive, because it is my wish.

It is true that the government is in solidarity, but 5 months ago, this boat changed owners to become the property of the Royal Coast Company. The current Prime Minister was not yet, therefore not responsible for this disaster.

Those responsible will all be known and will answer for their actions. Because when the President of the Republic entrusts you with positions of responsibility, it is to work properly for the population and not to be corrupted by economic operators and tomorrow to say that it is the President who is responsible, it is the Prime Minister or such minister who are responsible. Let’s own up to our mistakes.

In any case, I trust justice. The Public Prosecutor will come after the investigations, inform us of the progress of the investigation and determine everyone’s responsibilities. Let’s be patient.

I did not want to speak before the measures taken by the Government to avoid going all over the place. The resignation of certain ministers will not help matters, because the government trusts the executives it appoints and those to be worthy of the confidence placed in them by the highest authorities, otherwise the government will be obliged to resign every day.

Let’s see things lucidly without passion and emotion.

I suggest to the Government to communicate a little more and why not, organize TV shows with experts, to better enlighten public opinion and thus stop all speculation on social networks and avoid all political appropriations.

We are all affected by this drama, I offer my deepest and sincere condolences to all the bereaved families. Faced with the loss of a loved one, no words can express the grief and pain we feel. I only wish you may find some comfort in the presence of your friends and family. All my affection also surrounds you.

My sweetest thoughts are with you at this painful time.

Let’s all get down to prayer. It’s good that we start praying, but let’s not forget that we are Africans and that we have our realities. Let’s all get together, churches (Priests and Pastors) Ndjobistes, Bwitistes, Ndjembistes etc etc to ask forgiveness for all the evil we do in this country, each of us has a responsibility.


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